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  1. New source for Peerless drivers, Digi-Key

    DIY Speakers
    Digikey Peerless drivers No affiliation with company, just informing DIYers about another source of drivers
  2. Building a new enclosure for a peerless xls10 with matching passive radiator (400gm)

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    This is my first time posting, although I've been a long time reader of the forums. I am rebuilding this sub in a new enclosure, with a new amp, since I did such a cheapo job last time I built it. I had basically just thrown it in an old Velodyne enclosure that was made for an 8 inch sub with...
  3. Connecting a Peerless S-200 sub-woofer to a JVC RX5032V Receiver

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi all, new to the forums :) I'm struggling with something I'm hoping you could help me with. I have a JVC RX5032V Receiver, and i'm trying to connect a Peerless S-200 powered sub-woofer to it, without much success. I've attached a photo of the rear of the sub-woofer, as well as a connection...
  4. Peerless 835028 or similar as a small HT subwoofer?

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    I see that most of the postings in this forum and elsewhere deal with >12" subwoofer drivers in atleast a 2 cu ft box. My problem is a bit different. I am looking for the most bass/bang for buck in a <= 1 cu ft box. Has anyone tried the Peerless 835028 (XLS shallow mount 10" driver) in a small...
  5. Weak bass DIY Peerless

    DIY Speakers
    Hi all, I am a beginner in DIY speakers and have been reading quite a lot lately but cannot find the reason to why my speakers perform this bad at the lower frequencies 150hz and down. I am using Perless nomex 830875 crossed at approx 810hz with a 2nd order, no Zobel. Internal cabinet...
  6. Peerless XLS10 P830452 car build

    Mobile Audio
    Hi guys, long time lurker here. I fancy the above driver in a 1.0 cubic feet box in a honda accord. Is this feasible? I don't have access to winISD at the moment. I'd like to think I'd get better SQ at lower cost compared with a JL 12w3v3 recommended by my local car audio outfit. Grateful for...
  7. my peerless 10" ported subwoofer build

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hi, after lots of researching and help on this forum, i decided to have a go at building my own subwoofer. I had the carpentry skills and tools, just needed a little more knowledge on what goes on inside that box. I used a 4ohm 10" peerless woofer with vmax 83lt. I decided to go the ported...
  8. peerless nomex + vifa xt25 any ideas.

    DIY Speakers
    I have never built speakers before, and my mom wants speakers for her birthday present. I will try bookshelf speakers first, but may attempt a tower if the bookshelf goes well. The peerless nomex and vifa xt25 seem to be a decent match, but I haven't seen a lot of builds with this combination...
  9. Looking for Peerless 850122

    DIY Speakers
    I have two pair of these 6.5" woofers and one is now breaking up at low volume. I cannot find any physical damage on the unit but it's old and the suspension is getting soft, so the coil may be dragging(?). I love these drivers but I believe I remember reading that they were out of production...
  10. what to do with peerless xls 10?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    my first DIY was a sealed peerless 830452 in 1cf. i have sense acquired a sdx15 which is going into 5.5 cf tuned to 20hz so the peerless will be somewhat obsolete. i have another ten in my second zone so it isnt really needed anywhere else in the house. i was wondering what i could do for the...
  11. Peerless Speakers - Who uses them?

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi guys Got a couple questions for somebody out there... 1)I was wondering if anybody knew what brands of speakers ( Polk, Paradigm eg) use Peerless. 2) Is Peerless still overseen by the Dutch engineers since moving to Asia? 3) Do you think they are worth the price differential over other...
  12. Peerless

    Members DIY Subwoofer Database
    Peerless Owner-"BuddahX" 12" 830500 XLS - 3 cu.ft. (85 Liters) tuned to 20 hz. http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/ported-subwoofer-build-projects/35837-sonotube-sub-build-x2-18hz-peerless.html Owner-"ItalynStylion" 12" XXLS12 - 2.2 cu.ft. (62 Liters) sealed...
  13. Best Place to buy Peerless 12" Driver in Australia N.S.W

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Was wondering the best place to buy Peerless 12" Drivers in Australian N.S.W. Thanks.
  14. Peerless XLS10 project on the tightest of budgets

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi all, After seeing the amazing builds on this site, I knew it was the forum to join for an aspiring DIYer like myself. Anyway, after poking around on the internet for literally days, trying to absorb all that is "speaker building", I feel mostly settled on this nice 10" sub design I found on...
  15. peerless advice

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    High folks I need a little input re sub design, what I am tiring to achieve is a compact box with a tidy response The transducers that I have purchased are of the peerless family being the 12” p830500 and passive counterpart (12”) I have read through the literature that comes with tymphany...
  16. Peerless Push/Pull Sub Build

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    I originally posted this over at AVS (http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1161766). This was my first attempt at a DIY sub. I have been looking at the M&K subs for a long time now but as I'm still in college I don't have that much money to blow on a sub so I chose to go the DIY...
  17. peerless p830856

    DIY Speakers
    Has anyone ever used these peerless p830856 drivers from parts express? I cant find much info on them, other than the 2 reviews on the P.E. website. Unfortunately they are "no longer available", I dont know if this permanent, seeing as they have been on buyout for some time and have sold out a...
  18. Peerless VS. Dayton Who makes a better 12" sub?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I am a newbie and I am getting ready to build my first sub in about 15 years and I don't know much about either one of these companies. I was wondering if the Peerless 830500 XLS 12" Subwoofer or the Dayton RSS315HO-4 12" Reference HO Subwoofer would be better for a ported HT/Music Sub...
  19. Trying to source Peerless 830860 in the US

    DIY Speakers
    For about a year now, I have been trying to purchase 6-8 Peerless 830860. Everytime I attempt to make an order, I always get an "out of stock" or back order notice. Does anyone know where I might be able to find these in the US? (like immediately) Madisound is the #1 "out of stock"...
  20. Help Designing a HT sub - 12" Peerless with PR, 300w

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi I was wondering if i could get a little direction with my sub design. Ill be using a 12" Peerless sub (the one that has been designed for use with a PR), one passive radiator (the matching PR from peerless), and a 300wrms amp. Im going for high teens/low 20's in terms of tuning (anything...