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  1. New Member Introductions
    hello there! Tasos from london
  2. New Member Introductions
    Don't really know what to say other than I'm 17 from London, England and I really love producing music and I have been working on getting a small studio set up for a few months now :huh:
  3. AV Home Theater
    I have been trying to get a dedicated HT for sometime now but it seems it always gets put on the back burner for one reason or another. My other hobbies are shooting (getting out of it), Jeeping/four wheeling (this is new one) hiking/camping and I guess that rounds it off. What about you...
  4. Mitsubishi
    I realize you have to use the netcommand features to set up your devices etc. But you can also attach the infrared transmitters to all the real devices and then manage them through the tv. for example pause, rewind, ff, your dvd player. I never went to all the effort to set this up. I am curious...
  5. Mitsubishi
    There is a manual of how the commands and how to use the rs-232C interface. are there applications for it on a DLP set for instance? Has anyone used it? I see some things for projectors, and maybe that makes sense if already attached to a laptop, but even then what is the usage?
  6. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Why most people I know don’t have Blu-ray yet. Why most people I know don’t have Blu-ray yet. These are some of the reasons I came up with. Why do you not have one or why do most people you know don’t? 1- I don’t have the money. 2- I don’t have an HD TV to show it on so why bother. 3- I think...
  7. Home Theater Design and Construction
    Heh, still in the "dream stages" of this mind you. Anyways, I am currently planning on constructing a dedicated building for home theater. With a dedicated building comes the advantage of choosing the best room characteristics for home theater, be they shape, size, material, etc. So... I want...
  8. Home Theater Projectors
    Re: Do people prefer CIH setups? Hi guys. This is my 2nd post here, so I would like to contribute my knowledge on CIH. An Anamorphic lens magnifies an image in just one direction - typically horizontally. There are two main types of lens - cylindrical and prismatic. The prismatic types...
  9. Home Theater Projectors
    I have been reading up on CIH setups and find it really interesting. I love movies and it seems like 2.35 screen is the way to go. What I don't like is the complexity of running it. It just does not seem very family friendly. What are peoples thoughts?
  10. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    It seems that over the last few years there's been a big increase in the number of people using pro amps for subs, rather than plate amps. Now with subs getting more and more powerful, and the big guys needing lots of headroom, I can totally understand, I was just wondering if there were any...
  11. New Member Introductions
    been lurking here for a while, but went ahead and signed up...most of you will recognize me from AVS, HTguide, DIYaudio, and other forums :bigsmile: anyone from florida??:wave: ps- you can check out some of my gear in the link on my sig.