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  1. Help with the Black Widow PFG DIY Projection Screen

    DIY Screens
    After the end of this years college football season I made a decison that I needed to change my current DIY projection screen to something that allows more ambient lighting without the lose of color and contrast. I reviewed several builds and decided on the Black Widow PFG route. It didn't...
  2. PFG screen: Spray gun question.

    General Screen Discussion
    Anyone that has had success spraying their screen. I am looking at Harbor Freight to get an inexpensive air pain sprayer. I don't want to scimp on the quality. Any recomendations as to which one is best? Their is a pro automobile spray kit here, but is this overkill...
  3. Has anyone tried an oil base PFG screen?

    General Screen Discussion
    Thinking back to Art class in college, I remember a little about the properties of oil paints, vs. watercolors. Oil paintings have a sort of glow about them vs. watercolors. In addition, the mfr. of Henry 555 claims the reflectivity to last a bit longer with the 555 vs. the 558. With these two...
  4. Home Theater Shack presents Black Widow PFG

    Forum Announcements | News
    http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l190/wbassett/HTS/Logos/BlackWidowPFG3.gif Black Widow PFG What is Black Widow 'PFG'? It is a revolutionary way of making a screen the 'DIY' way. PFG stands for 'Pigment Free Gray'. Granted anything added to a white based paint to change the color is...
  5. Black Widow PFG - the Discussion - Black Widow

    DIY Screens
    Announcement Createx has changed the formula for AAA which may result in BW™ not mixing out neutral. At this time, we do not recommend using this formula unless you have some of the older AAA. The Valspar Ultra Premium Flat Enamel paint has been renamed by Lowe's to Valspar Ultra...
  6. Black Widow PFG - the Presentation - Black Widow

    DIY Screens
    The Valspar Ultra Premium Flat Enamel paint has been renamed by Lowe's to Valspar Ultra Premium Super Flat Finish. The paint is the same so the existing tint formula will still work. You can use Behr 1850 as well and the picture of the Auto Air Aluminum is actually a quart - not the two 4oz...