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  1. Sweep length versus IR Phase

    REW Forum
    I am using a USB calibrated UMIK-1, a USB DAC and REW 5.20 Beta 12. I noticed that the IR plots phase inverts as the sweep length changes between 128K and 1M. Is this normal behavior ? If so, why would the polarity change based on the sweep length ? :huh: TIA
  2. Using REW to adjust subwoofer phase.

    REW Forum
    I was just thinking (scary...) it might be useful to be able to adjust sub integration in real time. What I mean is to have the mic at the listening position, your computer running REW near the sub, send 10-250hz pink noise through the appropriate channel(s) covering the speakers you are trying...
  3. Driver Phase Alignment Technique Clarification

    REW Forum
    I am trying to 'optimize' the performance of my main speakers by phase aligning the drivers. System is actively crossed as follows. Top end is an Oris horn with Tang Band 8" driver crossed at 204hz using L/R 24db xover, covering 204hz-20kHz. Next is 15" woofer open baffle crossed from...
  4. Help with understanding REW phase

    REW Forum
    I've read that phase tracking, rather than using impulse measurements is the better way to align subs with speakers but have not been able to find a simple guide as to how exactly to use the phase plots in REW, so perhaps someone can shed some light on this. The examples of phase tracking...
  5. Phase measurement of a speaker system

    REW Forum
    My Basic question is how to measure the correct [phase property] of a speaker system. I obtained TSP signal thru the DUT speaker and the mic. Then, t=o set at IR peak. This means that the sound fly time is removed. So, The Phase must be displayed correctly, I think. It looks working well. My...
  6. Dialogue unintelligible, phase issues

    REW Forum
    Hi everyone, greetings from South Africa I am using a Umik-1 connected to my HTPC running HDMI to the AVR I'm a bit technically challenged but really want to understand how to interpret the graphs and learn how to set up my system to the best of it's abilities Spent the past 2 weeks reading...
  7. Dreadeknot super sona sub project phase 1

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
  8. Phase issue?

    REW Forum
    Can someone explain why the L and R speakers show something like phase cancellation e.g at 100hz? Is this normal? Thanks
  9. real time phase via RTA

    REW Forum
    Hello, My name is Andy, I am new to the forum. Thanks For having me!:smile: A while back I was using rew and setting up loop-backs and such. Just playing around and exploring features. Somehow I was on RTA and saw a phase check box and I checked it and I saw the Phase along with the frequency...
  10. Article about phase and FIR filter

    Audio Processing
    Hi all, I would like to share two articles about reading phase response and FIR filter correction. Phase response. Understanding Different Views and Thoughts of Phase Response Curves. http://www.prosoundweb.com/article//a_meaningful_loudspeaker_phase_response/ PDF version...
  11. does rew automatically scrutinize the phase to generate the best eq?

    REW Forum
    Hi there I'm new to this forum.. ...and let me start by saying rew is some jawdropping technology. Much respect. One thing that is not immediately clear from flicking through the pdf is whether or not the software automatically considers the phase for you before it generates the eq settings. It...
  12. Generate minimum phase incorrect?

    REW Forum
    My tests of the generate minimum phase(MP) button is giving some strange results The input and output device used is a bit-perfect miniStreamer with an SPDIF cable looping the input and output. It provides as expected a perfectly flat frequency response with zero phase. I performed 5 sweeps...
  13. Create FRD file with minimum phase applied

    REW Forum
    I am making gated measurements of individual drivers mounted in the loudspeaker enclosure at a distance of 1 meter. I am using a UMIK-1 with its calibration file and also a seperate tweeter as an acoustic timing reference. My goal is to export SPL and MINIMUM PHASE measurements of individual...
  14. measured phase ranges 4000 degrees?

    REW Forum
    Hi! I have played with miniDSP 2x4 HD for some time now and try to do some DRC. I have measured at listening position with B&K mic, focusrite 2i2 soundcard. Measurement results for phase are too weird, or am I understanding something wrong here? picture I am trying to do phase corrections...
  15. Exporting phase data only

    REW Forum
    Hello, is there a way to export only phase data from a measurement? I tried to export the minimum phase "Measurement as text" , but i get the spl data also. What i need is an impulse response as wav or text which has the minimum phase data of the measurement but flat frequency response. Then i...
  16. Phase Measurement - REW

    REW Forum
    Is there a way in REW to look at the instantaneous phase angle value of something (using a single tone sine wave as a tone)? I need to perfectly match the phase angle of two devices and was hoping I could do this via REW.
  17. Phase Response & Bluetooth Devices

    REW Forum
    I have a question regarding BT devices and their phase/impulse response. I know that since in my case it's not possible to due a loopback (even acoustic), the response will be the entire system's response, and because there's no timing reference, REW puts the T=0 point at impulse peak. But what...
  18. Verifying phase

    System Setup and Connection
    Hey guys I bought a lens cleaner that had a variety of system tests, one of which was checking the phase of the L/R main speakers. It played a tone through each speaker (L then R). The right speakers SPL was supposed to be less than the left ones if phase was correct. But it wasn't. I've...
  19. Phase shift correction

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I've been speaking to a audio guru about an active speaker setup that I'm working on and he's said the phase response is critical to good sound. I know we can view this in REW, so can we do anything about it with the minidsp? Or is it all about overall design? Appreciate your thoughts...
  20. Duel Sub woofer phase alignment check (yes again)

    REW Forum
    Sorry to ask this yet again I did do a search but a lot of the info was posted years back and is unclear. There has been quite a few updates to REW since then. Is there a clear written guide on how to use REW to determine if Duel Subs are both in phase with each other. One is located Front...