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  1. $2500 Eval - Emerald Physics CS2P

    Reviewers Private Forum
    Configuration/Specifications 2.5-Way open-baffle dipole with two mid/bass drivers and one compression waveguide tweeter Frequency Response: 40 Hz – 20 kHz (± 3 dB from target curve) Recommended Power: not specified Sensitivity: 93 dB (2.83 V/1 m), 97 dB when biamped Impedance: 4 Ohms...
  2. Emerald Physics CS2P

    Home Audio Speakers
    With the $2500 speaker compare-oh happening this weekend I thought I'd start a side-bar conversation about the Emerald Physics speakers that are in the evaluation. Has anyone here heard them yet or any other Emerald Physics speakers? I love the way the CS2P's look albeit very unconventional...
  3. Underwood HiFi / Emerald Physics / Wyred 4 Sound

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) '13 Show Coverage
    Underwood HiFi / Emerald Physics Room 1017, 1030 *Wyred 4 Sound is not currently a sponsor, but was covered in Room 1030 with Emerald Physics (Underwood HiFi). Room 1030 Equipment List Component | MSRP Wyred 4 Sound MS-1 music server | $1,999 Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 DSDse | $2,499...
  4. Woofer Physics

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I have been lurking here for a number of months trying to get my head around sub design. At some point I am looking to build a sub that will reach down to ~15Hz to accurately reproduce pipe organ music. I am still not clear on what characteristics in a woofer limit or allow it to reach the...
  5. Physics Behind Size Of Box

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I was recently playing around with creating some tones and I noticed that my single driver 8" subwoofer in a ported box was able to create very low tones while my eight 12" drivers in my fronts powered by pro dj amps didn't seem to be able to create any tones under 30 hz. They move plenty of...