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  1. Piecing together REW setup. Running sound through my receiver HDMI.. What gear do I need?

    REW Forum
    Hello All, I am trying to setup my room to start measuring with REW. I have my home computer with on board sound card and GeForce GT 610 video card hook to my Marantz 7007 via HDMI. From my 7007 I have a Crown XTi 4000 running my 15"s and Crown XTi 2000 running my Paradigm Montior 11's...
  2. Piecing together hardware for REW setup. Need advice!!

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hello All, I am in the process of setting up the hardware I need to EQ my room with REW. I have put together a list of Pre amps that are listed on my local classifieds. Please let me know which ones will work and what ones you would recommend. Thank you for your help 1. Behringer XENYX...
  3. Slowly piecing together your very own DIY HT

    DIY Speakers
    Well, its been a while since I built the Natalie P's and I'm about ready to get started on the other speakers. The plan is to build an upcoming matching center and a pair of Modula MT's for surround duty. As things progress I'll post pictures/updates/impressions of the process. My current...