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  1. Natural sources of Pink Noise for Mic Testing

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Need to check a measurement mic frequency response and of course a speaker will color the graph. I have heard an Air Compressor can be used to generate full audio spectrum Pink Noise. True? Other sources of Pink Noise? Or.. I there a good DIY way of getting an accurate frequency response graph...
  2. Help with pink noise settings

    REW Forum
    I need a pink noise signal with a crest factor of 6 dB, filtered at 12 dB/octave below 40 Hz and above 5 k how do I set it up!!
  3. Pink Floyd

    CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    What is the most affordable way to truly listen to a great Pink Floyd album. For example I have hear Dark side of the moon and Wish you were on a wide range of systems and it never sounds the same. Some better than others. Why did Pink Floyd produce albums in the 70s which seemed to require...
  4. Bug with distorted / clipping pink noise during measurements

    REW Forum
    I'm using REW 5.12 connected to my AVR with HDMI using the ASIO4all (or whatever that's called) driver. Last night I was doing lots of measures and going into and out of the EQ window and having it send EQ data to my BFD, then remeasuring and rinse/repeat. That all worked fine for the most...
  5. Full Range Pink Noise - poraboloa response shape

    REW Forum
    OK so iv finally gotten REW to work on my Linux machine which is jack full time - by not using jack. anyway i was doing initial tests to set levels using the test levels in preferences. When you use the full range test it sounds nothing like pink noise being heavily mid. I’m using Midas m32...
  6. HLT6156WX/XAA Pink or green screen?

    Hi everyone, I know there are many issues with the whole "green plaid" issue, but mine seems a little different. I can fire my tv up, and sometimes it will come on and work fine the whole night, but mostly I have to fire it up a few times, maybe unplug it once or twice, before it works...
  7. Pink Floyd - The Endless River (New Album)

    CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    Hmmm... well, I guess they really did it. Scheduled to be released November 10, 2014 is Pink Floyd's new album, The Endless River. The Endless River (Deluxe CD\ Blu-ray Casebook Edition) Box Set The Endless River represents a return to the creative principles that informed the writing process...
  8. Does REW CHECK LEVELS use Hi-Pass Filtered Pink Noise?

    REW Forum
    Hi! Noob asking for a sanity-check :coocoo: I was running through the REW "CHECK LEVELS procedure, and noticed something peculiar with the calibration test signal. The REW manual describes it as pink noise, but it must be hi-pass filtered. Compared to other pink noise signals I'm familiar...
  9. Help with Epson 8700UB Bulb

    System Setup and Connection
    Members - hoping someone can help me out... Finally had to replace the bulb on my Epson 8700 UB due to brightness dropping...after the swap I now see a pinkish band across the bottom of the image...I have removed and reseated the new bulb... Has anyone experienced this before? The bulb was an...
  10. More Pink Floyd... but could it be the ultimate?

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Pink Floyd Uncut an Independent History Tour (2013) This is the ultimate definitive review of the music of Pink Floyd from 1967 through to 1996, album by album in concert, on the record and on film. These 10 DVDs represent the most painstaking and detailed exploration of the work ever...
  11. Pink Fluffy Corner Traps Question

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I tried my hand at some corner traps, white fluffy actually. I am curious, how tight do you stuff them. I tried to leave them in a natural state of R19. Should they be compressed a bit? Here are a couple of photos. The first, adding the insulation and shelving to to keep the insulation from...
  12. Looking For 5.1 or 7.1 Individual Channel Full Range Pink Noise Test Disc or Download Files

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I have successfully used REW with a UMIK to manually EQ my Front Left and Right system with the UMC-200 Preamp Processor's 11 Band EQ and want to move on to doing Center and Surround speakers. I own the Video Essentials DVD and the Digital Video Essentials HD Basics Blu Ray test discs...
  13. Pink Noise, Filtered, for Setting Subwoofer Level - 80 Hz Crossover

    Downloads Area
    Pink Noise, Filtered, for Setting Subwoofer Level - 80 Hz Crossover Test sounds for setting your subwoofer level using a SPL meter, because sometimes that's all you've got. Intended subwoofer crossover point: 80 Hz. Instructions: 1. Play Track 1 through both main speakers together - yes...
  14. PINK PN and RTA stability Issue

    REW Forum
    While using signal generator and pink PN measuring with RTA I am having an issue where after say 5 to 10 min I can't get a stable graph anymore. I have played with and replaced all connections with no success. I disconnected the microphone and used loop connection from output to input of sound...
  15. Pink Noise db Test pre-GIK panels

    Home Audio Acoustics
    So I've been doing a ton of research regarding acoustic panels and I've decided to go with GIK Acoustics. I've spoken with Bryan personally and I've watched every youtube video I could find. I was very impressed by the two I found that played music with before and after treatments and both my...
  16. Room measurements using pink noise

    REW Forum
    I found this bit of information on another forum and I thought I might share it as the poster mentions pink noise not being the most effective signal for measuring the room, but rather, using a gun : Accurate room measurement is complex in that you need. 1: A way to record what is going on in a...
  17. Log sweep or Pink PN for EQing

    REW Forum
    I have recently purchased a miniDSP and have been using REW for about 4 weeks and both are excellent products. I have a Dayton Audio calibration mic , balanced <-> USB preamp and both mic and soundcard calibration files have been added. I have generated a Pink Noise ( periodic noise ) CD so I...
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  19. Thoughts on converting the pink PN.wav to mp3 for certain tests?

    REW Forum
    I was just about to do this so that I could put it on my ipod so that I could RTA test some secondary systems (ie car and 2nd TV) but then was like....wait a minute LOL. Since I know some quality is lost, would some freq maybe be attenuated? I know a pink PN is flat all the way across, would...
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