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  1. Pretty awesome video of a guy playing Techno with PVC pipe and sandles!

    Chat Box SWAMP
  2. Really impressive! Star Wars theme played on pipe organ

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    This is very impressive, this guy plays the entire star wars theme on a huge pipe organ in Barrington IL and does it without any sheet music!
  3. How to Kill PVC Drain Pipe Noise

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    A quick tale of my fight against pipe noise... I am building a HT in the basement of a new house. One of my primary noise concerns is from a drainage stack which enters the basement and turns horizontal overhead just behind the main listening position. The pipe is PVC which most of you know it...
  4. Useful tip: PTFE Pipe thread tape on headphone cords

    AV Home Theater
    Hello: I just wanted to share this method I have been using for awhile now. Around my headphone cords, I wrap the white PTFE (Teflon) thread seal tape in a 'spiral' fashion starting at the 'head end' working my way down to the 1/8" plug. I have not yet put heat-shrink tubing around the end of...
  5. Help finding pipe for port.

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I am having major issues finding an affordable pipe to use as a port for my sub! The dimensions are 6" x 22". Obviously I would buy 6" x 2' if someone can find it relatively cheap. Thanks!
  6. PVC Pipe cutting

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Question for all, What method / tools do you use to cut, say a 6" PVC pipe perfectly straight for your LLTs?? Please chime in, thanks! :T
  7. Dayton RSS390HF for Digital Pipe Organ PA

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Greetings folks newbie here. I had a converstion with Parts Express on telephone and by email and got 2 different answers regarding the Dayton 15" RSS390! I am looking at an old 340 liter sealed box that housed an Adire Tempest 15". I looked at the response on winsd which looked good for my...
  8. Rockler Pipe Claimps

    DIY Speakers
    Rockler Pipe Clamps ... I'd like to have 4 pipe clamp sets with the proper clamps, ez-clutch, zinc bars and pads. Can someone please look at the site and tell me exactly what I need to order. I'm confused about what comes with what... "each", "pairs"... do the clamps come with parts for both...