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  1. Samsung
    My setup Cable box - to an hdmi 4 port switch - to hdmi connection on tv. My tv is starting to show what appears to look like like hues/blotches and pixelation. it is very noticible on any shade of red and skin tones. If I go into the service screen and run the test screens they all look good...
  2. Hitachi
    i am have a problem after my tv is on like four min it will get little lines starting a top and and gets worse as it warms up... anyone experience this and or have any ideas how to correct it
  3. System Setup and Connection
    Okay, I'll admit that it's a cheaper player, I bought it for the HDMI connection for under 50 bucks. It's a Philips DVP3962/37. It's strange really. I have played a few movies on it since getting an HDMI cable ( 6ft length ) without issue. I tried one of my Star Wars DVD's the other day...
1-3 of 3 Results