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  1. Should I Exchange or Return New Plasma?

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I few weeks ago I purchased a new 50" 1080p Panasonic Plasma (TC-P5S02) to replace my 37" 720p Toshiba LCD. Since installing the new TV I am extremely disappointed with the picture quality. Basically the colors seem very blocky and where colors blend together, like the sky, it just looks...
  2. GFI for Plasma?

    System Setup and Connection
    Installed a new 58 Plasma on the wall. I am putting a plug up high on the wall to plug it in. Since I will no longer be able to plug it into the surge protector, can I just use a regular GFI plug to plug it into? Will this work as a surge protector? Is there a down side? Thanks!
  3. What made you choose LCD over Plasma?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I am still in the research/shopping mode and on the fence about getting an LCD or Plasma. For those that recently purchased an LCD: 1. Why LCD? 2. Which model did you choose and why 3. Which model was runner up? Cheers