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  1. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Just wondering if there is a plate amp out there that can legitimately power a maelstrom x or an rlp 18?
  2. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I've got a couple of basic home theater jobs lined up and I'd like to build the subs myself. For these I'm looking for something foolproof I can setup and not have to worry about. I am open to ported, sealed or LLT but not over 6 ft^3 exterior dimensions. I'm literally looking for BANG for the...
  3. System Setup and Connection
    Well this is really to help out my Dad with an issue he's having with his setup. After getting tired of looking at the rats nest of wires on a stand alone entertainment center, he moved the components to a book shelf off to one side of the room away from the TV. A Cat 5 wire was run from the...
  4. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    I bought a used plate amp, look just like the discontinued Parts Express #300-794. It does not have a protective case on the back. Serial number 0171497 AC Power, 115V, 450w Fuse 4A, 250V I trying to figure out how to plug in the filters. WinISD uses this amp as an example to quote "It's...
  5. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Hey guys... Been a while since I posted. I have a situation maybe someone can give me some help with? I have subwoofer (Mirage Substrata 1000) the plate amp is toast! My tech checked it and he said "chuck it" ! So I'm only using it to plug up the opening at the back of the sub. Now my problem is...
  6. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    http://www.edesignaudio.com/product_info.php?cPath=2_106&products_id=500 any own this or have experiance with it? seems priced pretty good for the power. i am not looking to get a pro audio amp either just so you know. any feedback would be great
  7. Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    i was gonna keep the gizmo even without the subwoofer volume control, but when i had my bro open up the box, the gizmo front face plate is cracked on the upper left portion. sorry about the pics, they're webcam pics.
  8. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Hi - I was wondering what were some good recommendations for a sub plate amp in the 300w range. I would like to keep my budget under $200. Thanks.
  9. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    I finally made my mind up and bought this amp... now the wait....
  10. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    hello Iam new pls I just bout a power amp a ebay definity technology super cube III I want to use to make a subwoofer any imput ,help thx...
  11. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    http://www.oaudio.com/500W_SUBAMP.html Thinking of using this for my LFE Thx -Nick
  12. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Anyone have any experience with this amp? More specifically, with its current handling capability? I have 3 of the surplus NHT 10" subs that I'd like to use in a sealed box and am wondering if the amp will handle all 3 in parallel. The subs have an Re of 9.58 ohms, but I don't have any way to...
  13. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Hi guys, Working on a little project here and have a question about cabling four active / powered subs to a single LFE / Sub out on a AV receiver. The subs don't have a pass thru RCA for daisy chaining. I have all the tools and such to make RCA cables using RG-6 Quad Shield...rca, bnc, F/coax...
  14. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    hi all, i just posted about making a svs pb12+2 clone..but ran into problems running these subs with the plate amp i had. since the subs are single voice coil 4ohms it looks like the best thing to do is sell the plate amps i have and purchase two 300watt plate amps that mcm has on sale and use...
  15. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Hello guys, Just in case you haven't seen this floating around yet, MCM has a good deal going on their 300 watt plate amps - 90 bucks each with code...:unbelievable: I bought two. Anybody else jumping in on this deal?
  16. Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    I'd really like to get my hands on a Rythmik 350 amp, but I'll settle for anything you guys have to sell for 140 - 160. Preferably a plate amp.. Just reply here, or PM me if you have anything you're interested in selling. =o)
  17. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Hi there! any body know what plate amp would be best to drive aJL 13w7. need help urgently. thanx chaps.
  18. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Has anyone used a regular plate amp for a pro-sound subwoofer? If so, how well did it work? I'm thinking of doing this and can't think of a reason why it shouldn't work.
  19. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    So I have a small project with an EHQS 8 and a 70 W Dayton Plate Amp with a 4" Dia. port at 13" long to give a tuning of 25 Hz in a 12" Dia x 36 " Long tubing. Problem is I would like to mount the amp in the tubing and I have been fiddling with ideas on how to do this. Any one ever did anything...
  20. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Hello all, I have a question for the Forum Gods.. I have a Polk PSW1000 sub without a amp...I need to know if anyone has direct experience with either the O audio 500 W bash or the Parts Express HPSA 5oo. They are both about the same $$ and wattage. I'm limited to size a bit as the opening for...