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  1. Iron Man 2 Blu-ray goes on sale September 28 with plenty of extras

    After breaking $300 million in the domestic box office and a record breaking (though initially flawed) predecessor, you'd figure Iron Man 2 would be in for an incredibly well-spec'd Blu-ray release... and you would be right. The three disc Blu-ray/DVD with Digital Copy set has plenty of extras...
  2. Early DirecTV 3D reviews take the good with plenty of the bad

    Now that n3D is live on DirecTV, there's an opportunity to see whether or not the 3D revolution is actually ready for takeoff. Judging by early impressions from CNET's David Katzmeier and HDGuru Gary Merson, like the early days of HD and Blu-ray before it, quality 3D experiences are...
  3. Red Dead DLC a’ Plenty

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Red Dead DLC a’ Plenty 05/28/2010 Written by Christopher Gordon-Douglas Red Dead Redemption developed by the hegemonic sandbox creator Rockstar hit store shelves not so recently and has revitalized the cowboy western archetype. Rockstar has announced their plans to produce...
  4. Book of Eli Blu-ray disc arrives June 15 with plenty of extras

    It seems that without plans for a double or even triple dip on the horizon, Warner's somehow found a way to squeeze lots of extras on the home release of its recent blockbuster, Book of Eli. Denzel Washington and the Hughes brothers will chime during a picture-in-picture Maximum Movie Mode...