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  1. SVS PB12 Plus/2 in classified section

    Hey all, just wanted to let everyone know that there's a PB12 Plus/2 available in the classified section. I know this is the area for SVS enthusiasts and many may not check the classifieds often. This model doesn't pop up for sale often so just a heads up.
  2. Electronics on top of Plus/2 a bad idea???

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I have my Emotiva IPS-1/MMC-1 combo stacked right on top of a PB12 Plus/2. It occurred to me that this might be a problem due to the vibrations from the sub. Has anyone done this? Is it ok or should I move them elsewhere? I put them there because it really is the best location and it looks...
  3. Plus/2 volume control problem - scratchy

    Hey everyone. My PB12 Plus /2 sub which I've had for about a month now has a problem. I just noticed today when I went to turn the volume down in the back of the sub that a low but audible scratchy sound comes from the woofers. At first I thought I was hearing things so I continued to just...
  4. svs plus/2 how good is the EQ

    Hi there I have decided to get my self the +2, but not sure wether to go for the gloss black whitch i beleve has a built in parametric eq ??? (if it has how many channels? ). or go for the standed black with no eq and save some $$$ (not two botherd about the finnish) I have a tag Mclaren...
  5. New PB-12 plus/2 graph

    REW Forum
    Ignore the blue line as it's the unequalized response from my pb-10. The pink line is the FR of my new pb-12plus2. I had to make a couple of changes from the pb-10 set up but not too many. I'll probably still try to flatten it out a bit more. How many filters do you guys use?? This set up I'm...
  6. SVS PB-12 plus/2

    Hey guys, My new pb-12 +2 arrived on Monday at work, man it's huge:yikes: My hat is off to the guys at SVS, it is one very nicely made piece of equipment. I had to wait til yesterday (wednesday) for my band of brothers to come help me. My back doesn't have all it's parts anymore so 140 lbs is...
  7. REW-graph for SVS PB12 Plus/2

    REW Forum
    I've attached a chart showing how my SVS PB12 Plus/2 responds in my listening room. I have the sub tuned to 20Hz with one port blocked.