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  1. Plywood or MDF

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I plan on building a 6.5 cu ft. slot port enclosure and I know its going to be heavy. so I'm tossing around the idea of using Plywood instead of MDF to save weight? I read somewhere that plywood is a bit lighter than MDF. Could somebody please advise me on the pros and cons of building in...
  2. Any one use plywood with green glue?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Just wondering if anyone has used 5/8 plywood then green glue and then a layer of 5/8 drywall. I was planning in doing this because it will give me options for mounting my projector later because with the use of hat track and isolation clips I will no longer be able to mount to the solid block...
  3. 1" 15 ply birch plywood for speaker box

    DIY Speakers
    1" 15 ply birch plywood for speaker box. Overkill or just right?
  4. Air tight joints in Birch plywood?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I have built speakers out of MDF before and used butt joints. If the edges are nice and straight the joints seem pretty air tight and strong (using just glue). Can/should I use simple butt joints with Birch plywood? I don't plan on using any fasteners. Another alternative I have is mitered...