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  1. Speakers polarity check

    REW Forum
    Hello everyone I am in the process of Audyssey calibration. After firsts measurement Audyssey reported inverted polarity of LCR speakers. I checked all connections and were OK. This led me to take some measurements to check IR polarity. They indeed looks inverted, at least for me, so I reversed...
  2. measure the polarity of a chassis

    REW Forum
    how can I measure the polarity (wrong or good) of chassis with REW ? I measure in a distance of one meter in front of the chassis with the 0 ° Calibrationfile of microphon. thanks, Alpi
  3. BFD 1124 reverse the Polarity

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi, I have two subs and when I switch on my 2nd Sub there are no changes in db at all. I was told that probably is the polariy is reverse. Can I use the BFD to reverse it or I have to open up the driver or amp to switch it. Thanks Began
  4. Measure speaker distance and polarity

    REW Forum
    While doing custom audio setups, there are two measurements I often would like to do: Speaker distance measurement and speaker/driver polarity. Is this something REW supports in any way? Can I propose them as a feature if they don't? I know REW supports measuring the speaker distance in a...
  5. Difference between Phase and Polarity

    REW Forum
    Hi please can someone help I have seen on some sites that 180% phase is the same as - polarity, is this correct? The Yamaha Z9 has phase + the Velodynes DDs have both phase + polarity. If i am setting up stereo subs do i use the above to smooth just one sub + main or combined (both subs and...
  6. Speaker Polarity Check

    REW Forum
    Guys, Fiance will be out of the house Wednesday night so this is my chance to run some sweeps and make some adjustments to my new mini statements (jim holtz diy design). The first thing I'd like to do is make sure all the drivers are correctly wired (in terms of polarity). I've done...
  7. identifying driver polarity

    REW Forum
    how do we know the driver has invert polarity or not from the graph? what should i see? the phase in the spl and phase graph? thanks a lot
  8. Quick polarity question

    System Setup and Connection
    This is kind of a dumb question, but if I'm getting some towers to use as surrounds, will I have to mess with their polarity at all to keep them from cancelling each other's low end out? I'm using two Klipsch RF-5s in the front, and will have some RF-3s for the sides very soon, and something...
  9. Preamp with Inverse Polarity

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I had myself about talked into a Conrad Johnson 17LS2 preamp when I noticed a comment that it output its signal in inverse polarity. Did some research and ended up not any more knowledgeable. Two channel reviewer just says reverse cables on speakers (which fails to account for HT bypass)...
  10. Question about polarity (I think)

    System Setup and Connection
    I recently bought a used projector off of eBay for a few hundred and then I bought a Philips HTS3565D at WalMart the other day to complement the projector. I had to splice some of the speaker wires in order to make them long enough for the speakers to mount in the correct spot. I put everything...
  11. Speaker Polarity

    System Setup and Connection
    New to the forum so I'll start off with a big Hello. I am running the yamaha rx-v661 with the paradigm monitor series speakers (fronts monitors 9, rears mini monitors, center cc-390). After hooking everything up and running the "auto setup" feature on the receiver, I am getting a error that...
  12. Polarity in electronics & speakers?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Not sure if this is the right forum and don't flame for not knowing. I've been reading some things on checking the polarity of my home theater equipment and wall outlets. How would I go about doing that with minimal cost? I mean is this really worth even doing? I do like tweaking almost...