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  1. Computer Poll

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I'm curious as to what everyone is doing for a computer these days. I used to be very big on building and overclocking PC's, then one day I bought a MacBook Pro...
  2. How do you organize your movie collection?

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    In the past I have organized my DVD and Blu-ray collection based on Genre but as the collection grew I switched to alphabetical order. Both have advantages and disadvantages so I was curious how others did it. Ideally one day I will just rip all of my movies to a large NAS and use software to...
  3. Poll: If something breaks in your system you would...

    General Service and Technical Information
    Multiple responses are permitted.
  4. $3,000 Speaker Evaluation Event - Nominated Speakers Voting Poll

    Home Audio Speakers
    The speaker nominations for the $3,000 two-channel speaker evaluation event has been closed and the voting now begins. Thanks to all who nominated speakers... we certainly have a lot to choose from. If you are not familiar with our speaker events, see the links in my signature. You can vote...
  5. $2,500 Speaker Evaluation Event - Nominated Speakers Voting Poll

    Home Audio Speakers
    The speaker nominations for the $2,500 two-channel speaker evaluation event has been closed and the voting now begins. Thanks to all who nominated speakers... we certainly have a lot to choose from. Remember, that even if your favorite speakers do not get selected this round, they could be...
  6. USA Today preseason coaches’ poll

    Chat Box SWAMP
    USA Today Preseason Coaches Poll was released today. 1. Alabama 2. Ohio State 3. Oregon 4. Stanford 5. Georgia 6. Texas A&M 7. South Carolina 8. Clemson 9. Louisville 10. Florida 11. Notre Dame 12. Florida State 13. LSU 14. Oklahoma State 15. Texas 16. Oklahoma 17. Michigan 18. Nebraska 19...
  7. To site mods.. I would like to start a poll to petiton Yamaha to bring back the orange

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    The title says it all. I really miss the orange glow of Yamaha's older models. You knew it was a Yamaha just from that orange glow.They've adopted the "me too" Blue look of every other AVR receiver manufacturer. Can we start a poll to see how many would want the orange display back?
  8. 5.1 System Poll

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Okay. We discussed my system in general in this thread, and after much advice and consideration of my specific circumstances, I have narrowed it down to 3 different 5.1 systems (with a couple variations of them). Please vote and/or comment on which of these you think is the best option. I...
  9. SVS Ultra Future Finish Poll

    SVS would like Shackster feedback on what finish options you would like to see in the future from the gorgeous new Ultra speaker line from SVS.
  10. Poll: Best way to spend $1500

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Mainly movie and TV use. Room is 17x17. OPTION 1 front: Pioneer SP-FS52 (x2) $200--: center: Pioneer SP-C22 $100----: $400 shipped rear: Pioneer SP-BS22-LR $100 ----: sub: HSU VTF-2 MK4 $612 shipped receiver: Denon 1912 $313 Total = $1325 OPTION 2 front: Ascend CBM-170 ----: center: Ascend...
  11. Poll: Is anyone thinking about Wireless HDMI?

    It's been a few years since the first wave of wireless replacements for HDMI cables hit the market, but even with several companies and standards making a push, we're not seeing huge leaps forward in the technology or its availability. Of course, companies like Netgear are jumping in with...
  12. Poll: What do you do when channels go blank?

    Disputes over fees that result in channels being blacked out seem to be occurring more regularly than ever, and as we've found out can even extend to internet access for streaming TV shows. So what would you do, or have you done when (insert channel here) goes off the air after negotiations for...
  13. Poll: Do women care about HDTV?

    UK-based research firm Mintel has taken some time out of their usual schedule tracking the sales of pies and and pasties (Beef Pie is leading) to investigate consumer reaction to HDTV and says its results indicate women are far less enthusiastic than men about high definition televisions...
  14. Poll: How does NFL RedZone compare to DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket?

    Even though they can't add NFL Sunday Ticket to your programming package, most of DirecTV's competitors are offering the NFL RedZone Channel now. Of course, it's fought back with a recent ad featuring a disappointed couple find out all their friends are skipping their game day celebration to go...
  15. Poll: Are you using TV Everywhere, anywhere?

    We've seen various providers from Comcast to U-Verse to Verizon roll out / refresh their online portals with loads of streaming TV content, bringing the cable video on demand experience to the PC, but is anyone taking advantage of TV Everywhere? Other options like Slingbox and of course...
  16. Poll: Are you interested in buying Google TV hardware?

    The launch of Android in the living room is closing in on us, and with the Chrome to Phone push app going official plus a quick mention by partner Dish Network on its earnings call we're wondering what you're thinking of Google's technology so far. As a mobile platform Android is doing well...
  17. Poll: What's the most important feature in a HD DVR?

    After breaking down every difference we could think of between the TiVo Premiere and a Windows Media Center CableCARD setup, we're wondering what you feel is really important . If you're a heavy TV watcher, a DVR is a must, and if you're on this site, we're assuming it's connected to an HDTV...
  18. Poll: Is it live or is it HDTV, how do you want to watch sports this season?

    We heard you loud and clear, last time we asked, most preferred the comfort of their custom home theater setup to a day at the ballpark, and teams must have too, as they have have responded accordingly. A New York Times story about the new Meadowlands notes new stadiums have made massive high...
  19. Poll: Has Blu-ray secured its place as heir to the DVD throne?

    It's been a while since we asked how you feel about the progress Blu-ray is making, so let's hear it. Whether you're an owner with a massive library, occasional Netflix renter, stubborn holdout or somewhere in between we've spent years debating whether or not Blu-ray's 50GB movie platters would...
  20. Poll: Are you going to get / already set up with a multiroom DVR?

    It seems like every provider is finally rolling out multiroom technology, even though it's been around for years from outsiders like TiVo and Windows Media Center. For this week's poll, as suggested by @rothgar, we're wondering how many are either already playing their recordings on...