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  1. $30 & 30 minute poly diffusers

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Built these two in about 30 minutes. I'll cap the ends with some L shape wood and glue them on to cover the open space and staples. Will also glue some insulation to the backside to give it some deadening. Either way They seem to be pretty effective. I had one on each side wall first wave...
  2. Scorpion, Elektra, and Poly

    DIY Screens
    Hi All, I know that Elektra N8 is under development, but then again so is every solution. :D I am about to create a 120" BOC screen for my Epson 8100 with good light control. (dark but not a bat cave) So far I have tested raw BOC and N8.5 flat + poly. Overall the N8.5 + poly looks a lot better...
  3. Poly Fiber fill. Is it worth using?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    After reading various negative comments on using poly fiber fill to stuff enclosures to bring qtc down and make the driver think it is in a larger enclosure I am starting to think I should use something else. What are people's thoughts on fiber fill and what is the best stuff to use. Excuse the...
  4. C12.2 poly build ?'s.

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Ok, so I have one of the closeout C12.2 drivers from AE on its way and will have a PE 240W amp on its way when they get them back in stock. My question is what other parts do I need to order from PE? What gauge wire should I use, what are proper size hurricane nuts and bolts to secure the...
  5. GIK Elite Poly vs. D1

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Good to see that GIK is continuing with new products. I'd would like to know more about the Elite Polys and how they differ from D1 diffusores. From what I'm reading I understand that the Poly scatters evenly and D1 randomly. Correct? Does that mean that D1 will give a wider soundstage and that...