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  1. Snap, crackle, pop (and distortion) randomly

    REW Forum
    Anyone have any idea why I would get random snaps/crackles/pops that, once they start, will get more and more violent until the sound out of one channel will be completely distorted? It will continue when I stop and start playing from that channel. If I switch channels, play something, then go...
  2. Subwoofer pop

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I was watching Hot Pursuit at -12 on master volume and when a shot was fired the subwoofer made a loud pop. I turned it down to -17 and the re watched the same scene and the pop was gone. The movie is not one with high spl or dynamic. I'm concerned and need advise for the pop. I'm afraid it's...
  3. Damaged file pop up in Yosemite?

    I am trying to download REW. I keep getting a pop up window that says the REW file is damaged and cannot be opened. I am using a MAC running Yosemite. Is there a problem I should know about? Thanks
  4. Vintage Rotel - power on speaker pop!

    Two Channel Audio
    I have been ignoring this for awhile, just writing it off to my use of a vintage Rotel unit to power my desktop system (Mac Mini => optical out => Audioengine D1 => Rotel RV - 555 => high level out => Pinnacle Subsonic => PSB Image B4). When I turn on the Rotel, I get this hum/crackle that many...
  5. "Pop" at beginning of sweep causing problems - please help

    REW Forum
    Hi All, I was taking some high level sweeps of my subwoofer yesterday and ran into a problem. At the beginning of each sweep, I was getting a pop or thud noise. At lower levels it was not an issue but when I hit over 105 dB at the LP it causes my clipping protection to engage on my Crown...
  6. "Pop" at beginning of sweep when using SPDIF

    REW Forum
    I have been using the SPDIF out on my Roland Quad Capture with REW. I get a "pop" noise as the sweep begins. Does this matter? I have presumed that if I start the sweep at a sufficiently low Hz (i.e. 5Hz) then the troublesome noise will be gone by the time the sweep gets to the frequency range...
  7. Snap, Crackle, Pop

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I just plugged my ipod touch (4th gen) into my brand new Yamaha 673 receiver using a usb cable. I noticed there is an occasional popping sound in the background, almost sounds like an old record popping sounding on a turntable. I googled this and found lots of folks having the same problem, due...
  8. Panasonic TCP42G25 broken - 4 LED flash

    Panasonic / Technics
    I bought a Panasonic TCP42G25 about 15 months ago, and it appears to have bit the dust already. I went to shut it off the other night and when I hit the power button on the remote I heard a fairly distinct pop from the right rear of the TV (when you're facing it). Since then it won't power...
  9. introduction to horace pop

    New Member Introductions
    hello horace pop from england i am a music producer albeit amature status only checking out all the goodies that you get in the states has we are about 10 yrs behind the times i used to get superman comics in the 60s and adverts for gizmos were magic so i will be doing a lot of checking to...
  10. Static "pop" noise

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hello fellow enthusiast:wave: First, I've search the forum for something like what I'm asking but couldn't come up with something concrete. So if the question as been ask before, I apologize. I have a Denon AVR2311 and I've noticed that when we FF or RW recorded shows on our PVR (Motorola...
  11. Onkyo707 - Heard a loud POP, followed by a white spark

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hello all, I'm a little worried here. I woke up. Turned on my receiver then as I walking to turn on the lights, I heard a "POP", then I saw a large white flash of light in the middle of the room. Then I heard little pop pop pop spark noises from the receiver. I don't know why I saw the spark in...
  12. Please tell me everything's OK?!

    Creative Sound Solutions
    So I loaded up Terminator: Salvation tonite to audition the much ballyhoo'ed Gas Station scene (with the Harvester). 2-3 seconds in (just as the hand comes through the ceiling) I hear a pop, followed by two more pops before I could get the volume down. Yes, it was the sub. FYI - I wasn't...
  13. Massive Pop When Playing "Master And Commander" Blu Ray DTS HD 5.1 Master

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    I just got the new Blu Ray release of "Master And Commander". It has DTS HD 5.1 Master Lossless Audio. After about 15 minutes a massive pop occurred in the soundtrack. The pop occurred during a quiet period after the first battle was over. It sounded like it came from all 6 speakers and I...
  14. Huge POP when I turn on the 1124P

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I hooked up the 1124P in anticipation of getting it calibrated with my SVS this weekend. When I turn it on or off, I get a huge loud pop in the subs, checked all the cables, XLR from the processor to the 1124P, then XLR to the subs. Any idea what might be set wrong? Thanks Michael
  15. Motorized projector screen POP UP, not DROP DOWN

    General Screen Discussion
    Hello all, I have a buddy who is constructing an outside bar/kitchen area. In addition to that he is asking about installing a projector on the back patio, and projecting towards the bar. My question is, are there any units on the market that will all ow the screen to come up out of the bar...
  16. Loud pop when turning on BFD - can it damage?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Made the mistake a few times of not turning off my sub before turning on BFD. Could hear the pop foudly from the other side of the house. Can this damage the sub at all? thanks for any input, Bevan
  17. BFD intermittent pop sound in sub

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Has anyone experienced an intermittent pop sound in their sub when using the BFD? I'm NOT referencing the thump caused by turning the BFD on or off. Occasionally with no seamingly pattern or reason I'll get a POP sound from my sub ever since adding the BFD. Like maybe one pop per hour or...
  18. BFD makes my sub amp pop, any solutions?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Anyway to eliminate the pop the BFD causes in my sub? I leave the BFD on all the time, but if the power ever went out and during loud volumes I'm worried the pop will damage my sub. Thanks Legairre