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  1. PC-13 Ultra position

    Hello, This might be a silly question, but, would there be any bad consequences if I lay the PC13 Ultra on its side along the wall to hide it from view? i.e. will it damage the sub or enclosure?
  2. Controlling Behringer DEQ2496 from listening position

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    The DEQ2496 front panel is connected to the main unit by a short flat cable. You can use the front panel as a wired "Remote Control" I extended the short flat cable with a 5 Meter flat cable and this way I have full control of the DEQ2496 when I am sitting in my listening positioning in my...
  3. Listening position in reference room size

    System Setup and Connection
    My audio system is setup in a living room which is LxWxH 24'10" x 15'5" x 8'. My speakers are at the front of the room and are 10' apart, when I create an equilateral triangle, I end up sitting 13 feet away from the front wall and 11'10" from the back wall along the long side of the room. While...
  4. Data Supporting a Single Setup Mic Position for Audyssey or Dirac Live

    Audio Processing
    NOTE: Not for Dirac Live after all... The initial measurements taken when this report was first posted seemed to support the use of a single mic measurement position for getting good results with Audyssey and with Dirac Live. More recent measurements and experiences have shown that this is not...
  5. Subwoofer placement in odd position?

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi all, First off apologies if this is in the wrong forum, couldn't decide where to put it. Please feel free to move mods if necessary. Currently deciding on which room to move into and one of them looks as follows: The room is effectively split into "2 parts". The majority of the room is...
  6. sub position and group delay

    REW Forum
    Been thinking and reading a bit more and concluded that i need to spend more time locating my sub relative to my mains before using REW to look at the combined response in room. For example the sub i have, has significantly more group delay than my mains. I take that to mean that my sub needs...
  7. Even Sound Quality At The Listening Position

    REW Forum
    I have been using REW and my laptop and the M-Audio Soundcard to take measurements of my room for a while now, I have the room sounding really good at the LP. Since that is where the mic is when I take measurements, what I have noticed is that anywhere other than the LP the bass is more...
  8. UMIK-1 position

    REW Forum
    I know the UMIK-1 is a omnidirectional microphone, but does it matter if the mic is virtual or at 45°, or 90° for taking a measurement? I'm trying to analyze a speaker frequency response and don't know what position the microphone needs to be in. Also how far should the microphone be away from...
  9. Dual sub position ?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I know how crucial sub position is for a single sub, but how important is position with 2 subs? I use 2 subs now and they sound quite good in opposite corners of my listening room. They are 10in. down firing KW 100s. We are redecorating the listening room and will now be able to put the...
  10. Subwoofer position

    System Setup and Connection
    We rearranged our basement and moved the home theater to a different location. Any suggestions of where to put the subwoofer?
  11. Help with 5.1 speakers position in double height apartment

    System Setup and Connection
    First of all, thanks for let me be part of this community. As you see, I'm a new user, but I check this forum almost every time I need some information. Well, as to what brings me here, I need a help on defining my 5.1 speakers position. Actually, it is a 7.1, but I barely have movies with 7.1...
  12. umik-1 position for measurement

    REW Forum
    I have 4-way tower speakers: the LF drivers are bi-amped using separate amps. The top three drivers use stock passive network and powered by another 2-channel amp (left and right). I want to take freq response for these speakers. For the LF, it's straightforward just point the mic at the...
  13. Mic position

    REW Forum
    Probably a dumb question here but in what position is the mic to be pointed at. Straight up, in the main listening position, as I assumed or what? Using a UMM-6 USB mic.
  14. measurement at listening position. Help analyze the graph

    REW Forum
    Hi everyone, I did some measurement today at listening position and here's the measured response. Would like some input about the graph or if there's anything I can improve with my system. Thank you all!! Some info about the graph- Measured at 1.6m in front of both speakers. stereo only. no...
  15. Measuring Drivers Delay At Listening Position

    REW Forum
    Hi i would like to measure my drivers delay , speakers that are bi wired, is this possible without interfering with the speaker itself. Speakers = Energy Veritas 2.3i (Floor Standers) My thoughts: Measure at listening position. Measure the top end (bottom speaker terminals disconnected)...
  16. MultEQ XT - Single position music optimization

    Audio Processing
    My preamp has Audyssey MultiEQ XT and I am experimenting with it for my studio where I want to focus on just one listening position without compromise. Does it really make sense to take all the possible measurements at places around the listening position? Or would it be better to just take a...
  17. Maelstrom-X 18" Gen2 with 2xPR's, element position questions

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    I made a question to the other thread but I think I need more quidance so I don't wanna borrow the other thread. I don't think I am allowed to post a picture yet, but I try to explain my issue. Setup is: - Maelstrom-X 18" Gen2 element - 2x EX-PR18 passives - Behringer iNuke NU6000DSP Current...
  18. help with frequency response in listening position

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I measured the following using a radioshack sound level meter using the six octave files from 16 to 160 hz and entered them into the worksheet compensation charts for the 4050 radioshack. All measurements were started at 16 hz 80 db. The subs are an adire tempest 15 inch in a sealed enclosure...
  19. Tower position recommendations

    System Setup and Connection
    A couple of questions on tower placement in my new theater room. Future plans already in the works: installing first reflection point 4" traps, modest bass traps in the front corners from floor to ceiling and hang some curtains over the windows. The 106" pull down screen is mounted a couple...
  20. mic position for measurement

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    HTS Forum, I'm wanting to measure the acoustics of my studio with a Behringer omnidirectional measurement microphone. Is it best to point the mic toward the front of the room (toward speakers) or toward the ceiling to perhaps measure the entire room response? Thanks, Weldon (post number one BTW)