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    The old webpage had a link to "my threads/my posts." Does it still exist with the new webpage? If so how do I get to it. The best I can do is click Tools/Quick Links/Todays Posts. Seems like this would be the place for the "My Posts/My Threads" link to be. Thanks & sorry if I'm just...
  2. How To Insert Images Into Your Posts

    Getting Started With HomeTheaterShack.com
    Enter the comment you want to make... Then click the attachment icon. (It looks like a paperclip) A small window will pop up. Click on "choose file". Once you click on "choose file" another window will open up for you to navigate to where the image is located on your computer. When you...
  3. Embed YouTube Videos In Your Posts

    Getting Started With HomeTheaterShack.com
    Copy the URL of the video from the address bar. In the screenshot I uploaded below, I highlighted the URL so you can see where to get it from. Alternative method: Just below the video you are viewing, there will be a share button. Once you click on it, it will display a shorter URL that you...
  4. Wire guage thickness through binding posts

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hey all I have Klipsch RF82s, RC052, RS42s, and RS62s The models probably don't really matter but does anybody know if the holes in the Klipsch speaker binding posts are capable of passing through 10 gauge bare wire? Right now I'm running a measly 16 AWG. My surrounds need 35 ft lengths...
  5. How can I find my number of posts

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    Easy to ask, hard to search! Hometheatershack and sponsored giveaways require a certain number of posts within a certain timeframe. How can I find out how many posts I've made within a specific time frame? TIA :)
  6. Boston Acoustic VS series mounting posts?

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi all, I am trying to find mounting posts for a Boston Acoustic VS 325C. I have the wall mount bracket I just don't have the posts (that hold it to the speaker) and I can't seem to get anything to thread into the mounting ports. I remember not having them, in the box, when I first got the...
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  12. Help me build two subs around my spare Behringer EPQ1200 amp please!!

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    so i was going to order two of those Dayton Sub-1200 subwoofers, but then i remembered i have this spare amplifier. Its marketed at 600 watts into 4 ohms x 2. not sure what high pass or the roll off is or if i would need any external eq protection for ported. im thinking two small ported subs...
  13. Embarrassed HK 3700 No Posts

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Well, just getting here, doing my greet, I search for the H/K 3700 and unless I am totally useless, which might be the case, my heart hit my throat and now believe, even a a noob putting this system together, Maybe went wrong with this Receiver? Purchased pieces only on sale over the last few...
  14. Subscribed threads not bold when there are unread posts

    Reviewers Private Forum
    Not sure where to post this other than a mod only forum for now. When I go to my subscribed post page, typically the threads with new posts that I have not read have bold titles. Recently this stopped happening. I updated a few profile settings not long ago - did I inadvertently change this...
  15. The ability to have spaces in posts.

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    Was just wondering if its possible to allow members to post lists or other text that include more then one space between words. I posted a long list of movies I own and all my spaces disappeared and now its hard to read in the columns I had made LOL
  16. Can't edit some older posts

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    Hello. I have some older posts that I need to edit, since I changed domains and the image URLs need to be changed. But the edit button doesn't appear. I made a post in the tests section and the edit button does appear. Is there some age cliff on being able to edit? Thanks!
  17. Uploading photos and including them in posts

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    Create Gallery New Reply -- Gallery Uploads (a button down below) -- Create a new gallery (one were you will put your own pictures) -- Name: Bill's Gallery (or whatever) -- Description: Images for Bill's posts (or whatever) -- General Members Gallery -- Submit Upload Photos New Reply -- Gallery...
  18. Planning out a new home theater or listening room? Read these posts.

    Home Audio Acoustics
    If you are planning a new home theater or listening room, I suggest you hop over to our Pro Audio forum and read through the articles on Control Room Acoustics (follow the link). They are full of good basic advice, especially posts two through five. Any of you have experience designing your...
  19. 5 Posts submitted now allow myself to introduce, rem, myself

    New Member Introductions
    HI there :hail: Long time enthusiast without the means to participate in equipment discussions now with the means to play in the pond. After careful consideration I will entertain all suggestions for improvements to my system plans; as follows..... Source: Oppo BDP-103 (just arrived and...
  20. Best Buy Posts $10 Million Third-Quarter Loss

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: HomeMediaMagazine