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  1. Newbie advice(reaching new systems full potential)

    AV Home Theater
    Sorry if this seems lazy. I've read some posts but just get completely lost in all the information So I've always fooled with A/V, but could only ever afford box package systems. Finally found myself able to afford some nice toys and built myself a home theatre. 120" projector screen. Hi def...
  2. Determining Total Potential SPL for multiple Subs

    AV Home Theater
    I’m trying to determine what the total potential (textbook) output would be at a given frequency for a few different Sealed Subs. They will be optimized with MSO, however I️m trying at this point to determine a total potential SPL Here’s what I️ have: All SPL values at 16hz and Max Burst...
  3. Request: Direction on potential speaker repair

    DIY Speakers
    I have some Infinity RSb's (circa 1978) that my wife and I love. I'm resigned to the fact that that our luck with the EMIT tweeters will run out sooner or later. Of course they are no longer available and even if one or two could be found used we'd just be trading one old tweeter for another...
  4. Can you name slasher films that had potential for sequels but never had any?

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    I can name some: The Burning Happy Birthday to Me April Fools Day Dolls My Bloody Valentine Valentine
  5. Potential Downtime for Forum

    Forum Announcements | News
    NOTICE to ALL Members! We will be replacing an SSD tomorrow at 4:00PM CST / 2:00PM PST that failed in our RAID setup on our server. It is possible that we will experience some minor downtime for a few minutes. Thanks for being patient with us.
  6. Potential setup using 2 CSS Trio12

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hello - my first post to this forum which I've recently been reading. You all have a great resource here! That being said - I am in the early stages of planning my Audio setup after remodeling my house. I would say that for me I'm more interested in musical reproduction - than I am...
  7. Inception question, **Warning Potential Spoilers**

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Hello Inception fans, I have a specific Inception question regarding the "kick" mechanic used in the movie. So my understanding is that it has a top-down effect. The falling sensation from a higher level is used to wake the dreamer from a lower level. At least that's how I think it was...
  8. MK MX150 THX sub potential conversion

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hello All, I've a busted MK MX150 THX sub (plate amp gone) and have determined the drivers are in good shape. I've also a spare crown amp laying around (400w) and got to thinking: After a unsuccessful search for a plate amp replacement I was going to throw the sub up on Ebay for parts and...
  9. Very small enclosed HT and SVS speakers. Potential acoustic overkill/nightmare?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Greetings from a new member! I am sooooo grateful to have found this site and especially this section of the forum. I have a ton of questions about my HT (almost done) and a potential problem. I am a little concerned about sound quality in my HT. (23 long, 10 wide and 7 high) Floors will be...
  10. CW-3000HD Potential HTPC Base System

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l190/wbassett/HTS/CW3000HD.jpg This is an interesting looking unit. First, it is setup primarily as a digital satellite receiver, but I spoke to the company and this is a computer running Linux. It has available slots and a cable tuner card can be installed...