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  1. Manufactured Screens
    Hello forum. I'm ready to shop for a screen on my almost complete HT. My setup is a Pioneer PRO-FPJ1 projector (RS2 clone) and Panamorph UH440 lense. The PJ is mounted 8' high and 14' 8" back of my 15' by 17' totally light controlled room. I am looking for a 2.37:1 AR screen with a height of...
  2. Manufactured Screens
    Now that I have permission to post this publicly. This a peek at some new 'potential' screen materials from Elite Screens. This is a Home Theater Shack exclusive as these materials have not been seen by any non-Eilite employees. Keep in mind that these are 'potential'. Meaning that you may...
1-2 of 3 Results