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  1. Pray for me please - tinnitus?

    Care Chapel
    Hi all, I wonder whether someone can pray for me please. I've been a Christian now for some 15 years, but before then I unfortunately was not very responsible with a lot of things, that also included taking care of my ears (walkmans and loud rock concerts). A couple of weeks ago I lost a lot...
  2. Please pray for Peace in Thailand

    Care Chapel
    This was the place of my last mission trip and the people there are very dear to me. I'm at a loss for words. I wish I were there with them during this difficult time. Please pray the violence would stop and peace would be restored. Forward my plea to any place of prayer. I'm convinced we can...
  3. Friend Left His Wife and Kids - Please Pray

    Care Chapel
    One of my friends left his wife and kids for another woman. If there are any praying folks out there please pray for Ray and his family!! :sad: :crying: Matt
  4. Please pray

    Care Chapel
    Hi everyone, my wife has been suffering from pains in her side for a few months now and the doctors up until now did not know what it was. Today I rushed her to the hospital as the pain was really bad They just did a Ultrasound and found a very large growth in her side (not sure where at this...
  5. Pray for Finals

    Care Chapel
    Many this week including myself have finals. So keep us in your prayers and thoughts this week. I know I need it.
  6. Pray for near fatally wounded officer

    Care Chapel
    Please keep Sgt. Chestnut and his family in your thoughts. This was a senseless act, and has unfortunately been eclipsed by all the other day's events. Though not a celebrity, this is a person who actually helps his community. It only takes a moment to say a quick prayer. I was working when it...
  7. Please pray for Matrix

    Care Chapel
    My cat is around 16 years old. She has had conditions on and off the past few months and recovered several times. She is sick again and I have taken care of her for the past couple weeks attending to her every couple of hours I have been awake, sometimes long nights. She will not eat on her own...
  8. For those that pray....

    Care Chapel
    would you ask for some help for my Mother? She has had two heart attacks in the last two days and underwent triple bypass surgery this evening. Hard to say how things are going to work out at this point. I'll be at the hospital for the next few days so thanks to anyone that remembers her in your...