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  1. Sub preamp for EP2500

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Been out of the game for a while but have been lurking around the forums to slowly get back in to things and see what the latest and greatest is...been using a Behringer ultragain mic2000 for sub pre amp, it finally took a dump and I’m on the prowl for a new preamp for my ep2500 for sub duties...
  2. Should adding a preamp make my system louder at -20db?

    AV Home Theater
    I have an Anthem mrx520 powering my 5.2 setup. When listening to movies at -20db the speakers sounded fine but was worried to drive my 4ohm speakers any harder using the integrated amp. I just added an ATI525NC class D amp which is 300wpc into 4ohms and switched the connection to my Anthem...
  3. Wanted Phono Pre-Amp

    CD Players | Turntables
    I'm looking for a phono pre-amp for a decent consumer grade Technics SLQ200 turntable and Audio Technica 311EP MM. I can't justify spending a lot of money but I also don't want the pre-amp to be the week link in the chain. I've looked at budget Pyle, and Behringer pre's but have concerns on...
  4. Has anyone used a miniDSP 2x4HD/DDRC-24 as a pre-amp?

    Audio Processing
    Has anyone used a miniDSP 2x4HD/DDRC-24 as a pre-amp? I've been researching into adding room correction to my 3.1 system (my trusty Arcam Alpha 10 DAVE & 10P3 power amp, M&K S85 LCR speakers, and a SVS 20-39 sub). It occurred to me that I could simply use a miniDSP 2x4HD or DDRC-24 as a...
  5. In need of a Pre-Amp and a room correcting DSP

    Audio Processing
    Hello Everyone, Currently I am running a set of powered monitors along side a pair of powered subwoofers in my living room. I am currently lending my Emotiva Stealth DC-1 to take care of pre-amp duties, but I would like to have it back at my desktop. Having measured the setup, the bass needs a...
  6. REW UMIK 1 and AV Preamp Calibration Setup

    REW Forum
    Hi, I would like to use REW to tune my home theatre system and room acoustics, but i need some help understanding how to setup it up for best results. I have Marantz AV7702 MKII Preamp connected to EMOTIVA XPA5 GEN3 amplifier and focal 5.1 speakers system. i purchased UMIK 1 mic and miniDSP...
  7. N00b: Preamp for ECM8000 and UCA222

    REW Forum
    I purchased a UCA222 and was running REW using my RadioShack Digital SPL Meter and inputted the data into my Emotica UMC-200, but the sound is very muddy. I suppose this makes sense since it only good up to 3Khz. So I decided to purchase the Behringer ECM8000, but now it appears that I need to...
  8. Rew to measure preamp outputs

    REW Forum
    I have car dsp that seems to do weird things with one tweeter channel. I have done lots of readings via sound/mic but would like to see what the input to the amps look like. Thoughts on how to do this? I was thinking just rca to 3.5 into the mic input on laptop (I don't have sound card....usb mic).
  9. Got a new to me pre-amp

    Two Channel Audio
    Well I have been thinking about getting a separate phono pre-amp for about a month now. I have been using my Onkyo home theater receiver for my 2 channel rig also but it never sounded as good as I thought it should. So I was looking around on Ebay and saw a nice looking pre-amp from Mitsubishi...
  10. Do I need external preamp?

    Two Channel Audio
    Greetings I am new to this forum & looking for your opinions. I am using an OPPO 105d directly connected to Bryston 4bsst with xlr cables so no external preamp. The Bryston is driving Goldenear Triton Ones. I usually play high resolution flac music in pure direct mode & I am happy with the...
  11. Marantz's New AV7702mkII Pre-Amp Hits The Street in October

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Marantz has officially announced the arrival of a new network preamp/processor. The AV7702mkII’s spec sheet is full of audiophile and enthusiast delights, which shouldn’t be too surprising for a product coming from a company that has a history of quality and performance. Today we’ll take a...
  12. Yamaha's New Flagship Pre-Amp: RX-A5100

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Yamaha recently added a goliath to its stable of incredibly competitive – and, in some cases, class leading – AV component and receiver products with the announcement of a new flagship pre-amplifier. The CX-A5100 comes loaded with several key future-proofing features not found on its...
  13. Emotiva phono pre-amp

    Two Channel Audio
    Anyone using this pre-amp? https://emotiva.com/products/pres-and-pros/xps-1 I was thinking about trying it out so I was wondering if anyone here has it and would it be better than the pre-amp that is in my Onkyo 809 now. The price is very reasonable. Any info would be appreciated.
  14. Counterpoint SA-5.1 tube pre-amp

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Has anyone out there had much experience with the Counterpoint SA-5.1 tube pre-amp?? If so, may I ask a few questions?
  15. HT system with 2ch Preamp setup

    System Setup and Connection
    Hey guys, Been looking at replacing my Parasound P5 preamp with the Parasound JC2 BP. Both have HT bypass for the main L&R channels however the JC2 does not have sub inputs/outputs. My setup is this: Ascend Acoustic Speakers (5) Parasound A21 2ch amp powers the fronts Yamaha CX-A5000 for...
  16. Passive preamp two channel system setup

    System Setup and Connection
    Hello, I'm going to try out a two channel system with a passive preamp and a 2 channel speaker amp. I normally use my sb12-nsd with an onkyo 7.2 receiver. The passive preamp is just a stepped attenuator knob and 1 rca input, and dual rca output, intended for bi-amping. I was wondering if it...
  17. Diagnose Problem B&K Reference 50 Preamp

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    I am hoping that someone here is willing to help me diagnose and potentially repair an issue that I am having with my home theater preamplifier. I have a B & K reference 50 preamplifier. There are line level outputs for 7.1 channels with RCA connectors. The one that goes to my right rear speaker...
  18. Adding a 2-channel preamp

    Two Channel Audio
    Anyone have experience or comments on the Parasound Halo P5 2- channel pre? A few features are catching my eye: 2.1 with analog bass management; adjustable high and low pass crossovers; built in DAC with usb, optical, coax inputs; phono inputs; and home theater bypass to name a few. The...
  19. What Phono pre-amp do you recommend

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I have been looking at phono pre-amps for my turntable and most are lacking in details in their spec pages. What do you own and what would you recommend. I am currently leaning towards this one as it has a subsonic filter...
  20. Need help finding a mic preamp to grow with

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Howdy! I've been using UMIK-1 with REW (FANTASTIC SOFTWARE, thank you :5stars:) but ended up bumping my head against the wall as UMIK-1 is USB and you don't have the ability to run loopback as timing reference to set delays appropriately. So I got the XLR based Dayton EMM-6 but lack a mic...