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  1. Differences in pre-amps?

    Two Channel Audio
    I know the "differences in amps" has been kicked around here until it is on its last leg, but what about pre-amps? If amps that spec out the same all sound the same (for the record, I do not believe they do), shouldn't pre-amps that share the same numbers sound the same as well? Surely the...
  2. How to listen for differences between Amps, DACs, Preamps, Processors, Cables, etc.

    Two Channel Audio
    We have other threads that get into "Can we hear a difference?" type questions, the biggest one about amps, located HERE. So this thread is not asking the question "Can we hear a difference?", but asks the following question: How can one learn to listen for and hear the differences between...
  3. Preamps: API or Universal Audio?

    Pro Audio
    I've been looking around for some preamp upgrades. I have an eye on the API 3124 - I'm reading they're quite good on most things, especially drums. But I'm also kinda drooling over the Universal Audio 4-710d. Whatever I get,... well, I was originally looking at just picking up two of the same...
  4. Phase inversion Preamps

    Two Channel Audio
    If the preamp is phase inverted, then I will need to reverse the speaker connections for 2 ch operation. This becomes a real pain when switching between a non phase inverting Receiver in HT mode and 2 channel listening. Any simple solution ? Tks
  5. Mic Preamp for ECM8000

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    The title says it, I'm looking for a simple, cheap (< $100) solid-state preamp for a calibrated ECM8000. All I really need is mic-in, line-out (to my Audigy 4) and phantom power. I'm planning to use this system with REW as a tool to gain better sound & acoustics. Edit: After some research I...
  6. B&W vs Outlaw preamps

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Looking at these two company's preamps- used,older B&W Reference 30 and Outlaw 950, but very comparable in features, with the B&W having a nice present feature and on-remote channel adjustments for center and sub, and for about $100 more. I need not concern with video in/out. Mating with an...
  7. Preamps

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hey all, I'm considering much going with the preamp/poweramp route. However, it is just SO hard to compare pricewise to some of the higher end receivers. You can pick up a Onkyo TX-SR805 with 130x7 for less than $600. Does anyone have any suggestions for a decent preamp that isn't at a...
  8. Is there a real benefit to preamps or two channel amps in HT?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    This is more of a general question, as it gnaws at me a bit because I don't quite understand the benefit to your system to have these amps hooked up. From my own experience I have a dedicated room and a 7.1 HK 635 receiver that puts out 75 watts of quality power to all speakers, and the max I...
  9. ECM8000 + Motu Ultralite (hiqh quality preamps)

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    A few thins about this setup: 1. I am using the REW and an ECM8000 to tune my bedroom studio. I understand the purpose of using an external preamp for the ECM8000 in the case that you are using a consumer grade soundcard with limited mic input. However, if I am using a Motu Ultralite whihc has...