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  1. Strange "Predicted" EQ correction, plz look

    REW Forum
    I have been studying REW video tutorials and the manual for days. I initially had problems getting things working but have finally made it through these steps: Calibrated soundcard via feedback loop Calibrated SPL, balanced mic input to match pink noise Did the sine sweep to measure the room...
  2. Question on predicted waterfall decay chart

    REW Forum
    Is there a setting that may help to improve the accuracy of the predicted waterfall decay shown in the EQ window after REW creates filters? For instance after I do a measure I have almost no ringing. The waterfall shows that at 300ms there's some at 20 Hz and a little left at 30 Hz. By 450ms...
  3. More filters for MiniDSP? (Save predicted as measurement?)

    REW Forum
    Hi John, I was thinking it would be useful if a predicted trace could be saved as if it were a measurement, from the EQ screen. The idea would be that for example with a MiniDSP where you have "banks" of EQ (6 filters each) you could set the match range for e.g. 15 to 50Hz, create a predicted...
  4. BFD filters nothing like predicted response.

    REW Forum
    I finally got all the cables to hook up my 1100, and set the levels with U-571 (came from -4 to +7 btw). I think I understand how to set the filters manually with the numbers from REW, but I am unclear about how to choose which of the 10 presets I am setting and then loading it. I tried to use...