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  1. AVR Blu Ray Prob

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hello, has anyone had any luck with this prob: Blu Ray to Pioneer vsx-84txsi Elite to 4k TV.Non blu ray dvds will pass through and play but a blu ray dvd keeps going in and out every 5 to 10 secs. When this happens TV goes black and the HDMI light on both B/D player and Rcvr blinks. Any advice...
  2. AVR Blu Ray Prob

    AV Home Theater
    anyone has advice to resolve this prob? Pioneer vsx-84txsi Elite: blu ray to rcvr to tv via HDMI. Rcvr will allow non blu ray movies to pass through to tv but blu ray movies keep going in and out every 5 to 10 secs. Rcvr has been reset and auto is for everything, all connections have been...
  3. Optoma hd33 HDMi prob

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi friends, I came across this forum and impressed abt the reviews, Need u guys help here !!!, Had brought Optoma HD33 from US thru my friends, Working well in my New HT for 2weeks, Until a few KIDS of friends got together played pS3, my HDMI inputs of the Optoma are not working,(...
  4. playstation prob

    System Setup and Connection
    Anyone know why my ps3 wont play on my marantz av7005..
  5. calibration prob - osx volume sliders grayed out.

    REW Forum
    greets, i've done searches and much reading and finally have succumbed to posting... i'm stuck on the calibration. i'm running a mac osx 10.4 and i've attempted to calibrate trying two different usb interfaces, the apogee mini me and the m audio duo. neither of these cards has a software mixer...
  6. Mitsubishi VS-60111 Input Video Prob

    I have a Mitsubishi VS-60111 and the problem I am currently experiencing is when I have a console system(Nintendo Wii) plugged into any of the RCA inputs the screen shows up in black and white. I want to say it is kind of fuzzy too, but I think it's just the shading of the graphics. I haven't...
  7. Ksmall - Convergence prob WT46809

    Hello, and thank you for your reponse. I have read the 10 entries you suggested, thanks for taking the time to put that together. I have a couple of question - 1. I can't find the chassis number to correlate the correct kit. I have taken off the back and the from panels and only see model/serial...
  8. sanyo purple screen prob

    Home Theater Projectors
    my friend gave me a sanyo plcsw30 projector & want to set it up to watch football really but movies aswell.. but problem is image is purple / blue i have tryed adjusting settings but still same really i hope this is an easy first question i have asked so that you all can help me get right &...
  9. Convergence Prob VS60609 Mitsubishi

    Blue moves fine Red will only move left and right when in setup. Besides Convergense chip STK393-110 is there anthing else I should replace or look at.:wits-end: