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  1. Problem with Philips Cbright XG2 (2001 model)

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hello, I am having issues with my Philips Cbright XG2 Projector. I have had it for a while and used it with no issues. I currently have it running from a XP media center PC. It has ran fine forever but recently it started shutting down after a few minutes of use. It shuts down and the "lamp"...
  2. Logitech Z-5500 Subwoofer problem - NEED HELP!

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi, I am new to this forum. I am trying to set up my home theater system. I purchased a set of Logitech Z-5500 speakers, which has a 10" powered subwoofer. I realized after I purchased these speakers that it appears that their primary use (at least for the subwoofer) is to be connected to a...
  3. Problem running REW: can't load standard profile

    REW Forum
    Hello, I'm a newbie from Brazil. I'm trying to run REW but it keeps showing a java exception: "Can't load standard profile: GRAY.pf" and after that, the program ends. Is there a work around? Could you help me on that? Regards, Felipe
  4. Problem finding Paints in South Africa?

    DIY Screens
    Hi there! I live in South-Africa and i read a lot of the forums on DIY projector screens but I have one problem and that is that I don't know what Paints to use because we don't have the Paints here that is talked about in the forums? Can someone please advise me on what to look for? We have...
  5. Channel mapping problem with 5.1/7.1 using ASIO4ALL VAC and VSThost

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Hi, first I would like to introduce myself. I am new here, and I am trying to put together a small HTPC using powered bookshelf speakers I already own on a Windows XP machine. Allow me to briefly go over my setup. I setup 1 VAC with 1-6 channels, went to the control panel and set that VAC as...
  6. Problem with Mitsubishi WD62725

    I have a problem with mainly dark scenes in which I get random lighter colored pixels in a column near the left side of the screen (I also get it on the right side to a lesser degree). The short horizontal streaks of bad pixels seem to occur in a fixed area of the screen, randomly occurring...
  7. Mitsubishi HD1080 CI problem, solution, them more problems

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, though this site has been great advice so far :D ! To make the story short, a friend gave me his HD1080 because it had a sagging blue channel and he bought a new one. I figured that it was one of the CI (thanks to this forum), and re-soldered all the connections...
  8. Problem with Samsung DLP Model HLR5067

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I have been having trouble with my Samsung DLP model HLR5067. First I had the dreaded black bar down the left hand side of the screen. Ordered and installed the light tunnel and it fixed the issue. Then my husband hooked up an HDMI cable to the TV and our PS3 before reading the manual. This...
  9. Misubishi VS-45609 Convergence Problem

    I have a VS-45609 that was given to me. The picture is entirely red, with some pincushion effects especially on the left side. The green and blue are only a vertical green line and vertical blue line in the center of the set. I can't adjust convergence. I already replaced the Convergence IC...
  10. sanyo z2 projector problem

    Home Theater Projectors
    hi i need help with my Sanyo z2 projector. when i start it, it works (green power light) for a few seconds and goes into standby mode (blinking red power light). the lamp does not start at all. i have checked and it is not the cover switch any ideas? thanks Barvuz
  11. Paint tinting problem at Home Depot.

    DIY Screens
    I have been discussing DIY HT screen options with a friend in another state and he wants to try a simple OTS gray first. I recommended that he get Valspar Ultra Premium Interior Enamel flat tinted "Winter Mountain" to get a N8 gray. He then said he didn't have a Lowe's close to him, but he did...
  12. Check Levels Problem

    REW Forum
    It seems I'm doing something wrong in the Check Levels procedure. I'm using the main speeakers to set levels. Sweep level is set to -12db. Once the signal starts to play, I adjust my pre-pro volume until my SPL meter reads 75db. The volume setting in Windows (Vista) is at the max level. At...
  13. Mitsubishi C-Series/Sony DVD, HDMI problem

    System Setup and Connection
    I replaced my old plasma tv with a WD-73C8 and for some reason my Sony DVP-CX995V will only work via component cables. I have reset everything, changed cables, etc. When I plug in the DVD player the TV pops up the "Auto Input Sensing" screen and allows me to setup the device. I select DVD and...
  14. Any problem painting 703?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    After lining the wall behind my screen with 703 and putting my grill-cloth proscenium wall sections in place, I can see the yellow through the grilles in various places under certain lighting conditions. Some searches have revealed a number of solutions to the issue, from covering in felt...
  15. Soundcard calibration problem

    REW Forum
    I am getting the following message when trying to calibrate my soundcard: "The highest level in the measured measurment is just -54.7dBFS. This is much lower than it should be. Check the input channel selection, connection, input volume, and wave volume/mute. The highest level should ideally be...
  16. Yamaha YPAO set up problem

    System Setup and Connection
    I cannot get the screen up. I have turned the unit RX-V463 on and to TV Viewing with the DTV/Cable on. I have set the subwoofer to less than half. Turned on the TV/Monitor and cable box. Plugged in the YPAO mic. The reveiver reads ENTER TO START and I press enter and nothing happens. What am I...
  17. REW Cabling and Connection problem

    REW Forum
    I will get the Behringer FBQ2496 to tame dual subs. I will get all needed cables or connectors to connect all devices and a laptop (with most basic headphone and mic connection). I already bought a Extech 407732 Digital Sound Level Meter. However, it does not have a signal output to be connected...
  18. Samsung HLR5067 wax/xaa problem with color wheel I believe. Need help on removing the color wheel.

    While watching the tv one day I heard something that sounded kind of like glass breaking and then the colors on the TV went crazy. Also When the TV turns on there is something spinning inside that seems to be either off center or part is broke off and vibrates pretty bad. O and I get no...
  19. HDMI video problem

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Okay hear it goes, When I connect my Scientific Atlanta Comcast DVR to My Onkyo 875 via HDMI, the picture seems to jump up and down one pixel every couple of seconds , but the Sony DVD player and Xbox 360 and Computer pictures are rock solid though HDMI . The part that confuses me more is the...