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  1. InFocus IN76 Projector Problems *Video Attached

    Home Theater Projectors
    My InFocus IN76 is having a problem. Here is a link to the video on Youtube. I click the button to turn it on, the fans spin up, the color wheel spins up and the light turns on. The problem is the light is dim and it shows a clear screen, not a blue or white projected screen, but clear, like...
  2. Splitter problems, maybe

    System Setup and Connection
    I bought a new house and I'm trying to set up my system again. I have a small TV and an HD projector that both go into a 4x2 matrix splitter. I have a Blu-ray, Chromecast and Xbox connected to the other side. This is the splitter...
  3. InFocus IN76 Projector Problems

    Home Theater Projectors
    My InFocus IN76 is having a problem. I have a video attached of the problem. I click the button to turn it on and the fans spin up and also the color wheel spins up, but after 5-8 seconds the wheel turns off. Twenty seconds later the color wheel spins ups and turns off again. After I placed...
  4. Optoma HD70 clicking problems (Video)

    Home Theater Projectors
    I just got a used Optima HD70 that was working great until last night. It shut down correctly. This morning I turned it on again and the orange LED lights flash and the power light stays green but no fan turns on, no light turns on and all I can hear is a slight clicking sound inside the case...
  5. Running and Update Problems

    REW Forum
    Hi Gang, Been Awhile: 1- began recently began using REW again and after about 6 measurements, a generated signal did not lead to any sound output from the system. After closing REW it would work for a while, again, then go silent. Previously, I could run as many tests as I wanted. However...
  6. Distortion Overlays Problems

    REW Forum
    I am using the latest MacOS REW version 5.19 beta 3 to display multiple distortion plots. When I try to switch some controls, nothing changes in the graph. This usually includes changing from per cent distortion to dB levels, sometimes changing the type of distortion, and rarely when changing...
  7. Problems with Waterfall measurements

    REW Forum
    Is there anything that I could have messed up with my measurement equipment that would cause a very large decay time in the high frequency ranges? My waterfall 5k and above shows that sounds stay in the room forever and never go away. What could cause this? The purple was a previous...
  8. Graphics problems in REW (win 10)

    REW Forum
    Hello everyone, Just started to use REW and have ran in to some problems. I´m experiencing some problem with graphics in REW see picture below: https://s14.postimg.org/kwtgxk29t/REW_problem.png As you can se I cant work with anything in the EQ window because I can´t see what I´m doing. What...
  9. Having problems with REW graphics and generator "hanging on"

    REW Forum
    EDIT: Ok, for what its worth, here is the correct photo. I took a screenshot that shows both problems at once. The bottom graph is a time signal (oscilloscope style) of the generator output. Cursor #1 bottom graph marks where I started REW's sig gen. Cursor #2 bottom graph marks the point...
  10. Internet speed problems

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I just upgraded our internet from 100Mb down load to 250Mb, and we have a problem with getting the speed throughout our LAN. When the Cable Company came out to fix our speed problem they found out our Modem was fine, but the wires to the router were wrong (wall jacks). They fixed it, and we...
  11. Softare problems

    REW Forum
    Good Evening everyone, I am on the latest release of both REW and Java. Whenever I go into the EQ window, the software spaz's out. To be more clear, it begins to draw the graph part int he wrong areas. Here is an example: If you look to the right, you can see what I"m talking about...
  12. Subwoofer connection problems

    General Service and Technical Information
    my subwoofer I am looking for help to hook up my Velodyne VA-810X sub to my Denon 2113 AVR. The AVR has a Sub-out connection and the Velodyne has a line in connection-- two RCA plugs. The sub manual says that it has the crossover fixed at 85 dB and there is no bypass facility and this is the...
  13. REW 5.14 - problems with the signal generator

    REW Forum
    Hi ! I'm used to run REW for quite long sessions, and after a certain time different kinds of problems appear with the signal generator : 1. At the end of the sweeps, apparition of strange sounds like echoes. 2. When using a continuous sine signal, production of a very distorted one, see the...
  14. REW 5.14 display problems

    REW Forum
    Hi I'm currently running REW 5.14 (Windows 8.1), and after a few minutes I encounter a display problem when using the "limits" button, see the picture. The only solution seems to close REW and reopen it ? Pascal
  15. REW & Asio4all - problems sending test tone to correct speaker channels

    REW Forum
    Hi friends, :huh: =( Really desperate and need some help for this. I've been trying to fix this for past 3 weeks but no avail. I'm on a 5.2 HT setup with the Denon 4520 AVR. All 5 speaker channels are powered by an external Rotel power amp through the pre-outs. I've been using REW and...
  16. BDP-103D Lock Up Problems with Ext USB HDD playing audio files

    AV Home Theater
    I have an Oppo BDP-103D that I like very much. The only problem with it is that is will occasionally lock up playing audio files from an external HDD. I have had many discussions with Oppo tech support about this. They claim the problem is corrupted files, but it seems to me that the Oppo is...
  17. Problems concerning possible damage to my avr S900W due to a defective Polk audio psw10

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    What's up fellas? My name is John and I am new to this.. This is actually my first post and home theatre is a fairly new hobby /obsession of mine. I've had this hobby for roughly 5 months but have always been fascinated by speakers in general. I am currently on my second receiver, the Denon AVR...
  18. HBONOW problems and their customer support

    Chat Box SWAMP
    I have a HDTV antenna, and wanted to have HBO... So when i heard they were going to stream it (you could stream it from any PC once you have registered the app) I was very happy. When it came out I was a little disappointed that you had to have a Apple IOS to setup the service, but I figured i...
  19. New Minidsp 2x4 Problems

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Just got my new Minidsp 2x4 today . I have 2 subs hooked to a Y cable from a mono out on my XMC-1. I took out the Y and put a cable into input 1 of the minidsp and connected my subs to output 1 and 2. I only get output from one of the 2 subs, if I reverse the cables the other sub works so it...
  20. AISO4ALL Problems

    REW Forum
    I cannot get AISO4ALL v2 to work. Specifically, I do not get the 8 channels and no sound from AISO. Help