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  1. Latest Flat or Curved 4K OLED Production on sale

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    65" EF95000 & EG9600 Promotions Take one of the following promotions: 65" EF9500 or EG9600 $4,998 Deal #1 10% store credit $500 Deal #2 Free LG's 4K 49UF6400 Offers end 11/21/15 These are the latest production LG OLED TVs, manufactured the last week of October 2015. 511 s/n...
  2. Samsung: No OLED Display Production in 2015

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Samsung was in, then possibly in, and then it was out…and the company is beginning to indicate that “out” might just be where it remains. Last year the electronics giant wowed us all with an OLED television that promised to be the first in a long line of OLED models that enthusiasts had been...
  3. Kateeva Aims to Make OLED Production Cheaper, Now.

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Organic Light Omitting Diode (OLED) display technology has been simmering in the background for quite some time. Believe it or not, but nearly seven years have passed since Sony first introduced their ridiculously priced industry-first 24.5-inch OLED display. We’ve since heard near fantasy...
  4. Panasonic reportedly ending plasma TV production by end of March 2014

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Lot of news in regards to Panasonic ending Plasma by March 2014. See article here from engadget. I suspect the end was near when Panasonic started producing 4K in the LED line instead of Plasma line. Wonder if the ZT will have closeout deals?? :)
  5. Intel TV plans on hold as company shifts focus on computer chip production

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Intel's plans to foray into the living room have been put on hold, as the company's new leadership has decided to focus on other more immediate issues. Similar in nature to Netflix, the chipmaker's OnCue cable television streaming service was expected to become available later this year, however...
  6. Xbox One retail models rolling off production line

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Xbox One retail models rolling off production line Microsoft’s Larry Hryb – Major Nelson – has posted a photo of the very first retail Xbox One unit to be produced. Hryb posted the photo on Twitter, describing it as “the very first Xbox One off the assembly line”. It’s...
  7. Singulus Technologies Announcement Puts the Industry on the Cusp of 4K Blu-ray Production

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    In 2002 the DVD world was set on fire by the announcement of a new technology specification dubbed Blu-ray. Offering nearly 5 times the storage capacity of a traditional DVD (25 GB single layer, 50 GB dual layer), the format opened the gateway to the distribution of high definition material...
  8. Xbox One CPU boosted, console now in full production

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Xbox One CPU boosted, console now in full production Xbox chief marketing officer Yusuf Mehdi has confirmed that Xbox One is now in full production, having received a last minute performance-enhancing tweak. Speaking at the Citi Global Technology Conference, as...
  9. Standards for Music Mixing and Production

    Two Channel Audio
    Cinema sound has mixing and production standards. The music business does not. Would the music business be better or worse off with mixing and production standards?
  10. Mitsubishi is ending rear-projection TVs, ceases production of DLP and laser models

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: Engadget
  11. No OLED-TVs in 2012 due to production issues

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    Source: FlatPanelsHD
  12. Panel makers speed up glasses free 3D 4Kx2K panel production

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: DigiTimes
  13. Samsung shows off production 55-inch OLED HDTVs at the 2012 World's Fair

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: Engadget
  14. Japan display begins production, oled from 2013

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: FlatPanelsHD
  15. Oppo players out of production

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Went to the Oppo site to check out the specs on the BDP-80 and it looks as though it and the BDP-83 are out of production. No news on the site about new model releases or anticipated dates for new stock. Anybody hear anything? -V
  16. LG showing off even thinner production LCDs at IFA 2010?

    LG's latest 3D LCDs have only just rolled out, but according to I4U it will have new Nano Full LED models to show off at the IFA tradeshow in September, that bring production HDTVs even closer to the 6.9mm thin concept we saw at CES (pictured above.) The 3D-capable TVs will feature LED...
  17. Sony gears up for Blu-ray 3D mastering and production in Japan

    Good news if you find yourself in Tokyo and just have to have a Blu-ray 3D disc made, as Sony DADC Japan and Sony PCL are equipped to produce them. They're open for business July 1, following the Panasonic facilities opened last month, check out an authoring suite at Sony PCL pictured above...
  18. Production Table Acoustic Interaction

    Pro Audio
    I'm thinking about using a 3x5 foot table in a near/mid-field position in this room. It will essentially be covered with equipment; laptop, mixer, eq, etc., each taking up the footprint of a typical piece of rack gear. The floor under it will be carpeted. What kind of acoustic interaction can I...
  19. Monitor Setup: configuration files available?

    REW Forum
    Hey guys i had a quick browse through this forum and can see that everyone is very friendly and helpfull. However its also apparent that everyone here are experianced tech heads in terms of sound enginering. Room EQ wizard was recommended in the very popular magazine "FutureMusic" to which i...
  20. Martin Logan Shifts Production from Kansas to Canada

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hello, To say this comes as a complete surprise to me is an understatement, but Martin Logan ESL Series and Reserve ESL Series Speakers will now be manufactured in Canada: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2010/feb/04/martinlogan-eliminates-production-lawrence-facilit/ Judging by the city, it looks...