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  1. Hitachi 57 projection need repair.

    picture on the tv has display of 3d images,read a little on this,i'm guessing it needs chip replacement,is it recommended to get the STK394-160 or just get the stk 392 - 150? tv model # 57uwx20b
  2. Design Tool reqd for projection screen DIYers

    DIY Screen Development and Testing
    There comes a point in a man's life where he's gotta make a choice.. To DIY or not to DIY!! We are here because we answered that call..and do we need blessings!! A blessing i seek, in the form of a tool. Projection screens have for long been too much of an enigma for the lay person, and plainly...
  3. Front or rear projection, perhaps both, on ultra short throw system?

    DIY Screen Development and Testing
    Greetings fellow beings Me newbie and reading up on projection screens. Been a pleasure stumbling upon this thread and going through the knowledge shared here :T I am so inspired by the glass beads experiment, thanks, really!! Any updates on the beads front? Now I'm from India and not really...
  4. Best paint mix for on-wall projection with Epson PowerLite 8350?

    DIY Screens
    I'd like to get some advice from the DIY screen folks here. I'm building a home theatre. I've got the audio handled (the acoustics worked out, panels and speakers all set, etc.) No problems there. But now it's time to work on the video side of things, and I've got a few questions. My projector...
  5. Panasonic PT-56wx52cf Rear projection arch in screen...

    Panasonic / Technics
    Hello all!! Having a problem with my rear projection TV, I just replaced the CI's and now I can get it to align properly, the screen is in an arch and I cant get it fixed. Anything I can do to fix this? I do notice that after replacing the CI's the screen is not scrambled anymore so I just need...
  6. Rear Projection losing reds/greens

    Hi! We have a Samsung 52" rear projection, model PCK5315R, manufactured in 2000 I believe that has lost the reds and greens in the picture. There is no screen burn or any splitting of the picture or anything like that, just more prevelant blues and an ugly yellowish/tan color. We really like the...
  7. Scope Projection Demos EOI

    Home Theater Projectors
    Attention all Aussie members living in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunny Coast and surrounding areas. I am running demonstration nights at various home theatre stores to demo CinemaScope projection. The dates are yet to be announced and the nights will be free to attend with no obligation to...
  8. Mitsubishi Projection TV

    I bought the Mitsubishi Projection Television in 2003 and I am now having a problem that the TV will not turn on. The model number is WS-48311. Here is what is happening, when I try to turn the TV on with the remote and on the TV itself, the green light comes on for about 5 seconds, there is a...
  9. Philips HDTV Rear Projection

    Philips / Magnavox
    I have a Philips HDTV Rear Projection 60PP93 5217 DPTV310. The convergence IC's were bad so I replaced the whole board (messed up the other one trying to just replace the IC's). Now everything looks good, but the only problem is the green convergence (which I line my red and blue to) is...
  10. sony parts

    Hello, i have a sony KF-42WE610, i would like to repair i know how to replace the blue light filter and the micro LCD display but i cant find the parts anywhere, i know this was a very common problem and i know guys that will repair it for 250$ but i want to do it myself to sve me the trouble...
  11. DIY Projection Screen Material

    DIY Screens
    Does anyone know where to find the new metalic screen material. I normally go though ProScreens at BuildYourOwnProjectionScreen com. These guys normally have everything but they do not have the width I need for the job.
  12. Projection Distance

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi everyone, I have the Panasonic 4000U and need some HELP on understanding the projection distance and how that determines where you mount your projector for best picture. Equipment List: (screen not purchased yet) - all other equipment has Projector - PT-AE4000U Screen - SMX 237.1 Curved...
  13. Rear Projection question?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi Guys, I am interested in installation a projector in my basement and I an looking for some information on placement. after doing my screen size and distance requirements the projector would have to be placed where I don't want it to be. The models I am looking at says front/rare projection...
  14. Please Help. Trying to decide on a projection screen.

    General Screen Discussion
    Hi, i'm trying to find the best screen to go with my epson 8500. I have a theater room and its very dark in there. i want a screen size of 110 or 120. i have been looking on amazon and came across three optons but i need help deciding. elite screens - 120 inch vutec - 123 inch screen...
  15. Elite Screens - Lunette, Elite's Curved Frame projection Screen

    Manufactured Screens
    Lunette, Elite's Curved Frame projection Screen more on this here...
  16. Mitsubishi ws-73903 projection tv

    Hello there, I am getting this old Mitsubishi 73" projection tv - WS-73903 and wanted to know if anybody owned one and could give me any reviews? I know it may be very old i.e. 2000 or older but the previous owner is practically giving it to me for free and he said that there is nothing wrong...
  17. GE Hollywood RP46 rear projection television

    General Service and Technical Information
    Gday i have recently purchased the above tv from a garage sale dirt cheap, $20. While the tv works etc it does have a alignment issue with the globes any suggestions or advice? also didnt come with remote control so cant bring up any menus or test patterns! starting to think I may have blown me...
  18. Mitsubishi WS-65819 issues

    hello I have a mitsubishi tv that is concave and the 3 colors are seperating at the top and bottom(middle is fine) it only does it when it wants to sometimes the tv works fine for days at a time with no issues could this just be a short or other minor issue please help!!
  19. Projection Science Screen Paint Review

    General Screen Discussion
    Projection Science is an internet based screen paint business. The paint is sold through eBay. Although the owner, member DavidHawke, has aspirations of surpassing Goo as the leader in screen paint sales. David did a lot of research here at the Shack in the Developer's forum and it's obvious...
  20. SOLD: Carada 110" 16:9 Projection Screen

    Classifieds - Video Displays and Projectors