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    I'm going a different direction in my planned subs, and have my new PSP ports to sell. They are light, but bulky, so I'd prefer a Dallas or Houston buyer. If in Houston, or somewhere on I45 in between, I can deliver. So, initially, I'm not offering shipping, but will later if they don't sell...
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    Hi, I have this question running in the back of my mind, and I am just curious if it is possible for this to work... Or if it would make any sense. I know the PSP will connect to the PS3 to watch a movie, but can it control the PS3 somehow. I did buy the bluetooth remote for my movies, but...
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    Our daughter is wanting a PSP, but I'm having trouble sorting out exactly what to get her. There seems to be several different models and packages with some awfully strange pricing. Here is what I've found thus far: PSP Daxter Entertainment Pack - Ice Silver Memory: 1GB Memory Stick Pro...
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    Does anyone know how to easily insert an arrow onto a Paint Shop Pro image... as such: Seems like it wouldn't be too complicated, but I can't figure it out. I don't see any type of selection of lines or arrows that can be inserted.