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  1. Direct Mode or Pure Direct Mode

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    I own a Denon 4311Ci Receiver. It has a function called "Direct". I am trying to figure out what that does. When it is in that mode I know it puts it in 2 channel stereo. What I do not know is when it is in this mode does it mean that it is true stereo? Are all the calibration setting of...
  2. Fusion Pure 10 Build by RK

    DIY Speakers
    Hello Everyone, getting started on Fusion 10 pure SEOS build for LCR setup. I already got the kit from Eric (DIYSoundgroup). As everyone mention, the kit packaging was just awesome, all items packaged and shipped in quick time. The packaging effort is comparable to how Apple products are...
  3. Pure Direct on Yamaha RX-V663

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I got a yammy hooked up with Klipsch budget speakers (VF-35) and I always heard that ppl love the sound of the music or movies using Pure Direct but honestly when I use it the result is the most flat and boring sound ever. The speakers act like if somebody have covered the tweeters with a...
  4. GIK now offers pure white fabric

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Put on your sunglasses! GIK Acoustics U.S. announces an expansion of color options and now offers pure white fabric as part of the standard line of color selections. The new pure white fabric can be selected on any GIK Acoustics' products to provide a clean, modern look which blends with white...
  5. Onkyo 3008 only outputting in Pure or Direct

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Last night I watched a movie, and everything sounded great. Switched to music, and had no audio output. Tried CD in 2 source components, and tried iPod. Found that only Pure and Direct were operational, every other mode was silent. Searched every setting I thought possible, found nothing wrong...
  6. I Love This Stuff! B&W + Focal + Pure Copper!

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    The New List with noted additions and deletions 9/6/2011: Denon 3805 AVR B&W DM303 Speakers Mission 765's - I've replaced the Lg Mission speakers Focal 705S's - New Side Surrounds Paradigm Ctr w/Focal 5.25" mids - I am Replacing with B&W LCR3 B&W LCR3 - New Center Channel Speaker Focal Cub2 Sub...
  7. Modified or Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

    Chat Box SWAMP
    I am needing an inverter for a Asus laptop computer. I see that there are modified and pure sine wave inverters on the market. In reading some reviews of different inverters, it seems that some electronics are touchy using the cheaper modified sine wave inverters, meaning sometimes the device...
  8. Pure power introduces 2000 watt ac regenerator

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    Pure Power, one of the best in AC re-generation, has introduced a new model. http://www.hometheaterreview.com/av-news/ac-power-product-news/purepower_introduces_2000_watt_ac_regenerator_for_high_end_av_systems003997.php PurePower Introduces 2000 Watt AC Regenerator For High End AV Systems...