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    does it have battery back up? does anyone have one? thanks
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    Hi, I recently purchased a Belkin PureAV power conditioner and, in a nicely bone-headed move, thought that it came with integrated UPS, only to discover it does not!:rolleyesno: I want to also have my home theatre gear (at least my PJ) on a UPS. So... Should I: Plug the UPS into the wall...
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    How do I hook things up when I turn on my receiver the amp turns on to. I tired of having to turn on the amp myself. I did see that emotiva has an amp trigger in the works. I figured it out.
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    http://www.parts-express.com/images/item_large/109-050_L.jpg Belkin PureAV Silver Series Speaker Cables I am not much on fancy cables, but these look to be very good quality with nice terminations. The 14 AWG 12 ft. is only $20. You can get the 16ft. for $25. Experience the detail and...
1-8 of 8 Results