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  1. Mobile Audio
    Alright, got my batteries, subs, sub amps, wires, terminal rings, HU, and crossover all figured out. Already have my highs/mids/amps. Working on an HT as well, looking to go surround 6.1 or 7.1 with 21" Maelstrom-X's as well, MTM with Kevin's Anarchy cheap tweet crossover. May get an HDTV...
  2. Mobile Audio
    Hey guys, I think there are more Alpine HUs that can run the PXA-H701, but here's the list I'm working off: CDA-9887 good HU 4 volt outputs only $270 if I don't want to play DVDs...great buy All the DVDs only have 2 volt rather than 4 volt. I know most think it doesnt matter..whatever. Price...
  3. Mobile Audio
    Anyone own any of these? Can I get 4 bandpassed outputs with it? I need 3 -way active... 2 outs for tweets HP, 2 outs for 4" BP, and 2 outs for 6.5" BP.... most crossovers only have 2 HP, 2BP, 2LP.... but I need FOUR bandpassed. Anyone selling any? Crutchfield says discontinued...
1-3 of 3 Results