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  1. Quartet10 Clearance

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Since we have a limited number of APR10s left and some Q10 Baltic birch cabinets we are going to clear some of this out on a first come basis. We have 1 assembled unfinished 18" cube and 2 flat packs for the same enclosure. These have all the holes cut and include bracing. Order a Quartet10 kit...
  2. CSS Quartet10 build

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I cut the woofer/PR holes with a jig saw cuz that's what i got but the cuts weren't plum - you know what i mean? like the blade angled in sometimes and angled out sometimes. I should have took close up pics but i just had my blackberry and low light. So i'm sure the hurricane nuts with not have...
  3. How musical is the CSS Quartet-10

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I'm seriously considering getting the CSS Quartet 10 kit, as I want deep bass extension in a small(ish) box. The only think holding me back is that I also want the bass to be "musical" rather than just plain loud - since my system is mainly for music at the moment. Can someone please give an...
  4. Quartet10 in 2.0 PartsExpress Box with Build Pics

    Creative Sound Solutions
    As per the previous thread here I built this sub for my in laws revamped surround sound. The system upgrade consisted of a Denon AVR-1912, Sony Bluray player, Polk Audio Blackstone T2 7 channel surround and the quartet 10 kit built into a PE Box. I could not be happier with the results of the...
  5. Quartet10 in 2.0 PartsExpress Box

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I am building a system for my in-laws and have been turned towards the quartet10 as a possibility for the sub. However, I don't have the time to build a sub from scratch so I have turned to the parts-express prefab boxes for help. The 2.0 cubic foot box is the largest allowable size. We are...
  6. css quartet10

    Creative Sound Solutions
    hello mike. I am considering building the quartet 10 build kit. I would like to resize the cube to a 16 inch box. I will be using 3/4 MDF. Will this work? If it does will the amp have to be retuned? will amount of washers differ? will poyfill be an issue...