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  1. Sherwood Newcastle R-972 LP conversion

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    I'm currently running my Pioneer PL-D II TT through the Tape Input jack on my SN R-972. (no phono jack obviously) I want to rip my vinyl into a digital format for portability. I was considering using the Tape Out jacks to a Line In jack on my PC. Theoretically this should work, but wanted to put...
  2. Just got my Sherwood Newcastle R972 and have 2 questions

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    I just received my Sherwood Newcastle R972 today. I was looking at the manual and it has a warning not to hook up to speakers with less than 6 Ohms. My mains are KEF Reference Series 104.2's and are rated at 4 ohms. I put my digital Ohm Meter on the ends of the wire and it read 4.7 Ohms...
  3. FS: Sherwood R-972 like new!

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    If anyone is interested,I'm selling the Sherwood R-972(to late to return it) it was only used for a couple of months before being packed back in the box. The batteries for the remote haven't even been cracked open and the remote hasn’t even been used.It just lacks some of the sonic qualities...
  4. Sherwood/Newcastle R-972 Official Thread

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    Well I got my R-972 today from accessories4less (that shipped to me from Florida to Edmonton Canada in just 2 days!) and had an hour to hook it up and play with it just a little. First impressions are is that it was probably one of the best investments I could have made :) Out of the box this...
  5. Sherwood Newcastle R-972 Looks like a Winner

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Nice price point at $1500 with a ton of current features. Sherwood Newcastle R-972 HDMI 1.3 Receiver MSRP: $1499 Sherwood revamped their entire line of A/V receivers and displayed them at CES. Not only did they acclimate into the 21st century with their first HDMI enabled receivers but they...