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  1. LG Raises the Bar With Its Own 105-inch Monster; This One is 5K

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    If it were possible for words to convey the party stopping sound of a needle scratching across vinyl, it might read something like this: “5K” Did you hear a screeeeeeech rip through your head? We most certainly did. Having spent the better part of a year trying to make sense of 4K and its...
  2. GAME Raises Price of Black Ops to Capitalize on High Demand

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    GAME Raises Price of Black Ops to Capitalize on High Demand 10/26/2010 Written by Ray Conley Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops has destroyed pre-order sales records, with market analysts estimating that sales will continue to soar. Due to the title’s monumental demand, one UK...
  3. Mann Raises ALS Funds

    Pro Audio
    San Diego, CA, (April 21, 2010)--Renowned music producer and musician Ned Mann is fighting back against ALS--Lou Gehrig's Disease--with a new jazz release, Finding My Way Home. http://prosoundnews.com/uploadedImages/ProSoundNews/News/Mann%20ALS%204%2021%2010.jpg For years, Mann was a major...
  4. DirecTV raises its HD channels claim to 160, disses Dish for juking the numbers

    We hadn't even finished counting Dish's 200 channels claim when DirecTV pops up with plans to add a whole slew of new HD networks as well. By its reckoning, tossing ESPNU HD, WGN HD, MSNBC HD, some additional DirecTV Cinema Channels and more puts it over 160 "around the clock HD channels", and...