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  1. Databass of Movies with Deep Bass (DMDB)
    "Rambo" Blu-ray DTS-HD:MA 7.1 1. Chap 6 (0:27:47) 2. Chap 12 (1:05:51) 3. Chap 13 (1:08:26) 4. Chap 14 (1:11:37)
  2. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    I went to the new Rambo movie at the theater. What can I say, I loved it. Yeah, a guilty pleasure but one I occasionally like to revel in. It's not a great movie. But in nearly every way it’s better than the other sequels to this franchise. It's a very violent revenge fantasy and when I saw...
  3. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    After the boring letdown that Rocky Balboa (and I'm a HUGE Rocky fan) turned out to be, and finding out that the fourth Rambo installment would take place in Burma instead of dealing with Muslim extremists, my expectations were quite low for this film. Then I watched the trailer. HOLY ****...
1-3 of 5 Results