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  1. REW Forum
    Hallo When using REW on my PC, often random windows are generated when I move the mouse. See attachment. I have REW 5.18, but the problem persisted when I updated to 5.19beta. I have windows 10 on the PC. Any idea what the cause is, and what I could do? Thanks for the help
  2. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    So I am soon going to be building my first DIY subs and had a couple questions... I plan to basically make some interchangeable sonotube endcaps so I can do several different types of subs using common end-caps which I will clamp onto different lengths of sonotube to allow me to figure out what...
  3. REW Forum
    Hello Folks, I am using ver 5 beta9 and I am having some random problems when measuring small sweep at low frequency. I am basically measuring freq resp between 5 to 500 Hz and sometime, randomly, the sweep generator or the metering routins goes crazy reporting absourd low levels and unatural...
  4. System Setup and Connection
    So I am in the process of hooking up and tweaking my new system which includes a Epson 8100 pj, a onkyo TX-SR309 avr, a sony BDP-BX58 and everything is hooked up with cables form the latest hdmi standard. So here is my problem when I run the bdp though the avr I get random white moving...
  5. Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    I've only had the unit for a few weeks and a few times it has given me a "HDMI Connection Detected, do you want to make this your default connection?" screen. The problem is that I've ALWAYS had it hooked up via HDMI to my PJ. Usually I just hit "yes" and it asked me about optimum screen...
  6. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    So far I've collected the following equipment: LCR speakers: Zaph's ZDT3.5 Surround speakers: Zaph's ZMV5 Subwoofer: DIY Shiva-X + O-Audio 500W amp Receiver: Marantz AV5003 Input: Verizon FIOS, PS3, Xbox, Wii Video: Panasonic 1080p 50' Plasma TV
  7. DIY Speakers
    This question has probably been answered before, but I was wondering if when making towers or surrounds if it is possible to use car audio component crossovers for the ht application?
1-7 of 9 Results