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  1. Are higher sampling rates possible?

    REW Forum
    I sometimes need to check for "out of band" resonances and ultrasonic harmonics. Is there any possibility that REW might support an extra octave or two in the future (96kHz, or even 192kHz?)
  2. THX: The time is right for high frame rates in movies

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    Source: TechRadar
  3. Filter File and Music File have different sample rates, what should I do?

    REW Forum
    Hi Could anyone please help me with the following question: I used REW to make filter files (44.1/32) for digital room correction. I use LiquidSonics Reverberate LE (VST plugins) to convolve my music files with these filter files to correct bass issues in my room. Most music is in 44.1/16...
  4. inconsistent results with the various sweep rates.

    REW Forum
    hi all again getting wacky results, this on top of the funny stuff last time with multiple sweeps. Just dialing in the new subs, and to my pleasure found that I had them nice and flat. I was measuring at the 256 k rate, and decided to check with the 1M rate. As you will see, when ending with...