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  1. Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Need some advice! I played a music CD in my OPPO 93 and ever since I have been getting choppy video from all Blu Ray discs. Audio plays fine. I stuck a DVD disc in and the video is fine for that. So, I stuck a br back in and I got the same choppy video. I tried 2 other BRs and experienced...
  2. AV Home Theater
    hi everyone I have q quick question are all or most blu ray disc encoded with 7.1 surround?
  3. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Living Room ATI AT3006 Amplifier Outlaw M2200 Monoblock Amplifier x4 Onkyo PR-SC5507 JTR Quintuple 8 L/C/R JTR Triple 8 Front Wides JBL 8340A Surround Sides JBL 8330A Surround Back Danley DTS-10 x2 Face Audio F1200TS for Subs SVS AS-EQ1 Samsung 52" LNT5265F LCD Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 8100...
  4. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    I saw this and thought someone might be interested. I don't buy discs there so I don't know how much of a deal this is. One day only.....http://www.bordersmedia.com/coup/coupon500701e.asp?cmpid=SA_20090702_REW
1-4 of 5 Results