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  1. Graph reading help

    REW Forum
    Hello all! I've just tried to do a measurement (my first one!). System: - MiniDSP Umik-1 mic, facing the ceiling on my sweet spot, loaded with the 90 degrees calibration file. - System: Avid HDX > HD i/o > Xmon > PSI 21M. Just measured L/R of my 5.0 system. I know i have some problems in the...
  2. Waterfall reading issue

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I had just applied some acoustic treatment to my room and was working into recalibrating and doing a new REW measurement. My first reading looked OK I believe. But I was playing with crossovers and speakers levels trying to learn / improve the graphic and then ... I broke something I...
  3. Am i reading this right ?

    REW Forum
    Hi guys, My home theater room does not have any acoustic treatment and so I'm planning to make some investment on panels. Before that, I wanted to understand where exactly I need to make improvements. I was able to run a REW measurement on my room (first time) and I'm trying to interpret the...
  4. REW - reading results

    REW Forum
    Hello, after many hardships and the multitude of questions raised in various forums I've just made the first measurements. Unfortunately, still I'm far from the first attempts to adapt, because it's found out that I totally can not interpret the results (graphs). I don't understand them...
  5. Calibration Of Mic with Rew Spl reading

    REW Forum
    Hello Guyz!!! I am new to room measurement and have very little knowledge.. When I try to calibrate my spl readings... I keep my phone (using it as spl meter) close to Audyssey Mic using it as my measurement mic.. Now I enter those values in Rew...and I start getting almost similar readings...
  6. Problem : Low SPL reading

    REW Forum
    Hi I am using REW couple of months now, and have performed several dozens measurements successfully. Using UMIK-1. Today I set a measurement, the usual way: - REW recognizes UMIK1 mic - Loaded cal file - Stared "generator/pink noise" and sound comes OK, as usual - When using the SPL meter, it...
  7. Reading REW data

    REW Forum
    Hallo all. I think I need some help to understand what to read from this data. Is this a good or a bad room? What kind of treatment could be needed. Regards Kjetil
  8. Unable to get proper mic calibration after reading UMIK Instructions

    REW Forum
    I'm trying to follow the instructions from the miniDSP website "Using the UMIK-1 with HDMI output - Windows" and I think I'm following it correctly but nevertheless am having problems. I've attached screen shots of where I'm at with ASIO4ALL and the sound calibration to 75dB. I've got the...
  9. Low SPL reading

    REW Forum
    Got Umik1 from CS. Prepared the first session with REW. Umik in MLP. All cabling OK. Got generator signal out of speakers (pink noise, speaker cal, level -12dB). Set speakers (L/R, no sub) to a comfortable level , fairly loud. REW's SPL meter shows VERY low levels, around 25-30 dB even though...
  10. UMIK-1 REW SPL reading at 90 in quiet room

    REW Forum
    As the title says, my REW SPL reading with my UMIK-1 is showing at 90. My SPL meter on my phone shows as 35 at the same time. I must have missed something...I have the UMIK-1 calibration file loaded into REW. I could use the meter on my phone to check my levels, but I'm thinking that with the...
  11. Reading speaker graphs

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Is there any tutorials about how to read the graphs people post using WINISD ? What makes one good or bad ? I really have no idea what I am looking at. I can make educated guesses of course but I'd love to see some fairly basic conversation for a noob like myself ;) I am thinking about...
  12. Reading BFD Parameters

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi Everyone, I haven't been able to find an answer to this, so I thought I'd ask. I've loaded some filters into my BFD 1124P via REW's MIDI interface. The filters are loaded, but somehow or another when I did a save of the filter settings using REW, I got a blank .req file. :sweat: Can...
  13. Phase reading on inlay feature?

    REW Forum
    I am loving REW. How do you use the Phase inlay reading. Should the phase of my sub be completely in phase on this feature or does my spl reading out weigh the the phase page? I have no training in sound. Love the "sound" learning curve since i downloaded REW. musicguy :scratch:
  14. UMIK-1 SPL reading in silent room

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hello I have just started to test my microphone. The first I did was to test SPL readings in silent room (not possible to get it 100% silent). I know that I will get wrong results because of the noise floor of the microphone. To my suprise the readings was much higher than expected (~65db(z)...
  15. Newbie with headache from reading projects! Need guidance.

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    1st of all, Hello! I've been reading extensively on this forum trying to educate myself,but have instead kinda confused myself with too much info. :doh: I've noticed that the forum tends to be very helpful and friendly though. What i am trying to accomplish is basically a 15" Dayton sub for...
  16. Phase reading

    REW Forum
    I made a room acoustics measurement with FastTrack Pro an ECM8000, I did the calibration process and I'm getting a good amplitude response but an ugly phase trace. Is this trace correct? How can I read these results? The place is a small recording room with splayed walls. The source was an...
  17. (total noob) some help reading the graphs

    REW Forum
    hello my name is Matteo from Italy i am a electronic music producer... i posted about some help few weeks ago and was asked to remake the graphs with 1/3 octace attn. after that force majeur i couldnt go in the studio anymore... so i start again here, first with a synthetic description of room...
  18. been reading here for some time now, decided to finally post

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, :wave: shack pack. Picked up a new sony tv and decided to revisit this forum. in the past I have done a bit of reading here and decided its time to start posting( as my join date is testament to :P ). Other than the new Sony tv currently running a Yamaha sound bar with Yamaha sub as...
  19. complete sutupid noob ..please some help in reading the graphs....

    REW Forum
    complete stupid noob ..please some help in reading the graphs.... Hello, as the title suggest i am complete noob, stupid mainly because i bought the ECM8000 behringer mic without even checking the program first....In my very naive mind i thought that reading the room with a mic was a very...
  20. KRK Ergo help with reading graphs

    Sorry! I re-posted this thread under the REW-forum!