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  1. What does these readings means?

    REW Forum
    Can someone please look at the thread ( link is below) and help me understand what these readings means, and what to fix in the room to improve the sound? Thanks http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/system-setup-connection/134562-sub-woofer-placment-verses-room-treatment-3.html
  2. Sub cal tone and sub sweep at same -dB level give different SPL readings.

    REW Forum
    I have a CSL EMM-6 (w/ sensitivity) and a Scarlett 2i2. I used this basic method to calibrate the SPL of REW. I have the mic calibration file loaded in REW as well as one for the audio interface. I take a sweep at a given level using HDMI (ASIO4ALL) from the PC to receiver, say -30dB in REW...
  3. New readings

    REW Forum
    Hi Guys Hope you are all very well. I ran my first test tonight, not sure if I have done things correct but thought I would post my 1st findings. My room is completely untreated, it's an L shaped area where I work on music productions. any pointers to problem areas would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Initial readings, suggestions welcome.

    REW Forum
    OK here's the basics: I'm a composer, so the computer and monitors are surrounded by controller keyboards and synthesizers, long hard surfaces on all sides except the back. the room has a notably short ceiling, 6' 7" tall 13' wide and 23' long. Carpet, and 2" rock wool traps on the ceiling...
  5. REW readings with KEF speakers

    REW Forum
    Had Dan over my house to run REW on my system. But we got these strange readings with my KEF Q900 fronts. So why is it taking a nose dive around 2k but my NHT rear looks flat thanks. :help:
  6. Understanding REW readings

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hollo all. We have a studio in Spain and are measuring this with REW. But I need help understanding if the readings are good enough for a control room.... All help/input appreciated.
  7. First post. First readings. First impressions.

    REW Forum
    Hi folks. Thanks so much for this great software. This is the first time I have ever bothered to try to get really accurate sound. I recently bought a pair of BC Acoustique Gange speakers - 3 way non ported four-foot-tall monsters. They are the best speakers I have ever owned. I'm powering them...
  8. my first post and first readings

    REW Forum
    Hello, this is my first post, im Dutch so my english aint all that, im sorry for that. However, ill try to make the best off it. First of all, thank you all for all your input and information that can easy be found on this website. The last 2 months i have updated most of my gear. I bought a...
  9. Best to average multiple readings for room correction?

    REW Forum
    Simply moving the measurement microphone a few inches causes the measurement nulls and peaks to move around, especially at the higher frequencies. So, for overall room correction via REW filters, is it best to take an average of numerous readings at different points in the room - or at least...
  10. How to get distortion readings on REW?

    REW Forum
    Hi, I'm running the 5.01 beta and am trying to get the distortion %. After doing a sweep, I hit the "distortion" button and the various graphs show up (e.g. 2nd harmonic, 3rd harmonic, etc). However, next to the legend it just shows " – dB". Even after I go to "Control" and select percentage...
  11. Did some new readings with REW in theater room

    REW Forum
    So seeing as i got REW working correctly I thought I would take readings of my theater room and get some suggestions on what if any changes I should make. Blue: No Sub, in Pure audio No EQ Green: Sub with mains Audyessey on Yellow: Sub with mains Audyessey and EQ on Red: Sub only Here is...
  12. Why do readings with one speaker look better than both?

    REW Forum
    So, I took some readings using Sub + FR, Sub + FL, and Sub + Both Mains. FR + Sub looks the smoothest. As you can see, Sub + FL produces a major dip at 100Hz and Sub + Both Mains produces a major dip at 166Hz. Is this normal? Something I should worry about? Possible to fix? Thanks.
  13. Substrate Readings

    DIY Screens
    A couple of months ago SpankyHam at Curt Palme's forum sent me some samples of various substrates. They included Dibond, Gatorfoam, Gatorplast, Gatorboard, And various Sintra samples. Here's the data from these samples. A large Sintra White sample RGB 240 240 240 LAB 94.78 0.07 0.01 Small...
  14. help with REW readings

    REW Forum
    Hello all, its been a while since I used REW.I have now essentially got some graphical results of various frequencies following the procedue laid down ie just from taking the measurements, nothing else.Where do I go from here eg. smoothing ,filters,equalisation etc.My aim is to hopefully...
  15. High SPL readings via REW?

    REW Forum
    Hey. For some reason I am unable to measure above around 96db on my REW setup. I have a ECM8000 and behringer USB card hooked up to a vista laptop. I use a little behringer mixer as phantom power. When I tried, for fun, to read out some high SPL readings it seems my system insists it can only...
  16. Manual Readings 1st time help needed

    REW Forum
    I just did the manual with mp3's that I downloaded and this is what I came up with. The blue line is without any Audyssey corrections and the pink line is with Audyssey . Big time screwups with Audyssey don't you think? I have it crossed over to my mains at 80. This is with my 18.2.2 IXL ported...
  17. My initial readings

    REW Forum
    Hi, I've been using the BFD and REW for some years now with good results. But with my latest setup I've been having difficulty equalizing my subwoofer(BK monolith) with the BFD 1124. My speaker setup is: 2 KEF Q11 towers. 3 Kef eggs. Crossover for all the...
  18. First readings

    REW Forum
    Hi, Finally got everything up and running and wanted to post a first reading. Looking for some initial guidance. Equipment: AV123 MFW-15 (2) - front Mirage 12" sub (rear) JBL L890C (3) LCR Onkyo Pro 886 Outlaw 7x200
  19. My BFD readings

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I finally got around to setting up my BFD 1124 with my DIY dual Rythmik 15's sealed. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's my unaltered in room response. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's my response after 5...
  20. 1st readings from my room.

    REW Forum
    how do these look? any comments, this is quite a large room. the waterfall looks reasonbly flat to me with no real reasonances, there is a reasonance at 111Hz i think and also at 52 - thanks in advance