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  1. Direct TV HD DVR Receiver?

    AV Home Theater
    I have just purchased a Samsung Plasma 3D ready TV. Next Wednesday, Direct TV is coming to my home to set up whole house DVR. I have read elsewhere on the net that the High Def HR 20 receiver that is being used in many homes does not support 3D. Supposedly you need a HR 21 or higher receiver...
  2. Best middle of the road receiver?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    What would you be looking at for the $300-$500 price mark?
  3. Which Onkyo Receiver?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I looking to upgrade my DS787 to a newer Receiver and am not sure which one I would be happy with! I'm runing 7.1 with Polk Audio in wall speakers which have a 6" and a tweeter in them and a dual 5.25 mid center! and a Atlantic Technolgies 12" powered sub. all I know is i'm looking to spend...
  4. Is it time to part with my receiver?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Im new here so i'll quickly tell you my set up: Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi B&K AV6000 amp (6 x 125W) B&K ST-140 amp (2 x 150W) Polk SDA 2b (front) Polk monitor 10 (right and left) Polk SDA-CRS (rears) Polk CS400i (center) Comcast Cable Playstation 3 (BR and games) Homebuilt core i7 HTPC...
  5. How can I Bi-Amp and still get 7.1 on a 7.1 receiver?

    System Setup and Connection
    Hey all I've got a Yamaha RX-V3900 (140 W / Channel, 7.1 Receiver) and I'm using it in a 5.1 configuration right now with two Yamaha NS-A1738 towers for the front L/R that are bi-amped - the settings in the receiver allow you to convert the internal amps 6 & 7 to be bi-amp front L/R outputs...
  6. PA Speakers with Home Theater Receiver?

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi, I have come by two Pyle 1600W Peak / 800W RMS Pro Audio DJ speakers (Don't worry, I didn't pay for them...), and was wondering if there was any way I could run them off of my Yamaha HTR-5280. (500w, 5.1) The back of the Pyle's have two 1/4 and two speakon jacks, and I read somewhere that a...
  7. Do I Need a $1000 Receiver?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I have a Harman-Kardon AVR 146 that I bought new in the fall on sale for $268 Canadian (about $215 U.S.). At the time I was not sure how deep I wanted to get into home theatre and wanted to spend more of my budget on speakers. Running six KEF speakers now, including a subwoofer- things sound...
  8. Pioneer dv-58av LFE is 10dB too high when playing multichannel SACDs through an Onkyo 905 receiver?

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a calibrated (audyssey and roomeq for double checking levels) Onkyo 905 receiver that seems to play the LFE 10dB too high when using a 58av as a source. This seems most noticeable when I play multichannel SACDs and happens when I use DSD over HDMI or the 5.1 analog connections. Both DSD...
  9. Where to put satellite receiver?

    System Setup and Connection
    Hello all I'm wanting to put an LCD TV in our game room. I want to mount it on the wall and use the internal speakers. My question is.......where is a good place to put the sat receiver? I don't just want to "set" it somewhere. Where do most of you hide your components when mounting a TV on...
  10. Will the Yamaha YSP-900 Remote Control interfere with another Yamaha Receiver?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I'm planning on a setup that involves a Yamaha YSP-900 (soundbar speaker system with build in receiver) and another receiver (for video conversion and switching purposes). The other receiver that I had in mind is a Yamaha HTR-6080, however, will the remote control for either interfere with the...