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  1. what recommendations

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    HI i will be buying 4 chane music 5.4 speakers as rears as fronts a chane music 2.4 centre using a denon 4400 amp plus 2 other chane 2.4 as additional rears but what about for height channels for atmos dtsx auro 3d woud the svs prime elevation speakers be a very good match for the rest of the...
  2. Speaker recommendations for Atmos upgrade

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I have an existing Kilpsch F-30 7.1 speaker system. I am thinking of upgrading to Dolby Atmos. My HT room has a high vaulted ceiling so up firing speakers probably won't work. I would like some recommendations for in ceiling speakers to match my existing speakers.
  3. Speaker recommendations for livingroom

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hey all, Asking this question again because I made it so confusing before. Attached is an image of a wall unit that I will be getting. It is custom so I can move shelves, make speaker space, etc...The contractor will do anything to it. The tv will be over fireplace (which will almost never be...
  4. Speaker Recommendations - Challenging Setup

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I moved out of a house with a dedicated theater room into a new home where I am trying to reuse as much of our old equipment as possible. The layout of the room presents some definite challenges and I need some advice on how to proceed. I'd like to setup a 5.1 system. Receiver- I have a Denon...
  5. Need amp recommendations for JL Audio 12W7AE

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello I just needed recommendations for an amplifier. I was getting ready to sell it, but decided I might end up keeping it for home theater use. I have it in a ported box tuned to JL specs. The whole 3 ohm thing is making it difficult to find an amp, all of the ones I have seen only go down to...
  6. Need recommendations for Screen DIY with Acer H6510BD

    DIY Screens
    Good day HTS's Experts! I have DLP Projector Acer H6510BD, 3000 Lumens, 10000:1 Contrast. I can not decide on painting walls for home theater projector in the living room. Room with one window measures 11'x19 'with 9.5 foot ceilings. Wall for paint on the opposite side of the window and...
  7. Replacement recommendations for older home theater reciever

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi all, The wife and I have recently purchased a new home and with it came a Yamaha DVX-S100 home theater system (Since I'm a new member, the forum won't allow me to insert a link, but you can see the DVX-S100 on amazon). Overall, we're really happy with it. The one issue I have is that we're...
  8. Simple Home theater system in the basement. Recommendations needed plz

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello everyone. First time poster here. first of all, i must say, reading some of these threads, i'm very impressed by your civility! lol definitely not what i'm used to seeing being on forums in general. Ok, so here's what i've got: a basement that's about 30ft long by 17 ft wide (roughly)...
  9. recommendations on AV receiver under $500

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I'm looking to upgrade my receiver, $500 is my absolute max but I'd really like to stay closer to $400. Features I definitely want: at least 5.1, airplay compatibility, at least 3 HDMI ins, at least 1 component video in. Nice to have: 7.1 and/or second zone. The two receivers I'm most...
  10. Looking for Subwoofer Recommendations

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I am looking for advice on subwoofers for the home theater in my basement. Here is the background. The room is 22'x16'x8' (2816 cubic feet) and there are two listening positions (side by side recliners with one recliner against the side wall). I have an old set of Swan Diva 4.1 speakers and...
  11. Planning on a HT room for my Dad place.. need audio gear recommendations

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    So my dad is not a crazy audio nut like myself or his brother is. He has a simple $1k bose system right now that he is happy with. But he is talking now about changing up a few rooms upstairs to accommodate a dedicated movie room. He does want to spend a small amount on the audio just to give...
  12. Speaker Recommendations

    Home Audio Speakers
    Sometime in 2016 I plan to update our speakers. I am considering a high end soundbar or front towers, surrounds and subwoofer. My budget is approximately $3,000 or less. Primary media is HDTV shows and movies, Bluray movies and rock concerts. Not interested in 4K at this time. All gear is...
  13. Recommendations for 1080P LED greater than 60 inches LED TV

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Hi guys, A family member of mine wants to get a 1080p LED TV. What is the best one (brand/model) to get. Anything above 60 inches or higher. Any recommendations? No 4K TV and no curved TV. thanks.
  14. Newbie on information overload looking for recommendations

    Home Theater Projectors
    Ok..first let me say that I am new to the site and new to the projection world. I have been a longtime LED TV watcher and am finally making the jump over. Second, I have read through many posts on this site and reviews all over the web, but still can't seem to find a complete article that will...
  15. Receiver upgrade/replace recommendations

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    So we had a thunderstorm that knocked out the power last week. The next day I went to watch a movie and had no input into my Pany 3000 projector. Come to find out the HDMI board had failed as I could get a signal thru other inputs. With an old bulb and quotes of $800+ to fix I sucked it up...
  16. New to REW, recommendations welcomed

    REW Forum
    I have enjoyed my HT for a long time but recently we moved and built a new dedicated room, so now I am able to tweak things the way I would like to. That led me to get REW and buy UMIK-1. Present setup is not optimal, but I used it for years due to the convenience of "dreaded" built in subs...
  17. Need Help!! Sub Recommendations!

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Im a poor man trying to build a system! Right now all I have are a pair of Cerwin Vega DX 5 and an onkyo TX-NR636. I mainly use the system for PS4 gaming and bluray movies. I have no idea what to look for and I have a very small budget (under $200). I got the CVs at a pawn shop for $150 so I am...
  18. Component selection recommendations- Full home theater

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    would like to get some opinions on a home theater I am building for my father and mother. They just moved into this monstrosity of the house (they just retired) and instead of putting a bar in the basement...as they don't drink, I recommended a home theater, and so got a greenlight. Budget...
  19. Oscilloscope Recommendations

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    I'm just getting into this hobby, and every day I learn something new. Not afraid to sound like a NOOB 'cause I BE ONE! :nerd: just picked up the MAKE: Electronics book and parts kit, so I can start testing and building some basic circuits soon. I've been looking at used (Tektronix and...
  20. Recommendations for a hifi sytem with record player

    Two Channel Audio
    Good afternoon everyone: One of my neighbors is in the market for an old school vinyl record player, an amplifier and two decent speakers (I didn't know that people even listened to vinyl anymore, by the way, but fortunately they still do apparently). His budget is about $5 k max for...