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  1. hdd recorder

    AV Home Theater
    hi can anybody tell me of a 4k recorder that can be connected to a sky q silver 2tb sky box that will allow me to record more sky content than just the 2tb limit and so i can record in 4k as well thanks
  2. Please recommend a portable AV recorder.

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a portable recorder which has AV in with PAL campatible, just like some GPS has this function, but I only need the real-time display, record, and playback functions, I need a professional or industrial level one, so NO Chinese products. Could anyone recommend me...
  3. Do All DVD Recorder

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Hello everyone, I am looking for an all-in-one DVD/Blu-ray recorder and wondering if anyone could make some suggestions. I have a Panasonic HD digital Camcorder and do not like putting videos on my PC hard drive just to burn them to DVD/Blu-ray. I would like a device that I can plug my...
  4. B&K 2270 SLM vs. Yamaha Pocketrak 2G WAV recorder

    REW Forum
    I managed to get hold of a B&K 2270 for the weekend and have been seeing which of my budget microphones gives the most similar frequency response. Here's what I got: - The audio interface was an RME Multiface. My other microphones were all over the place, but the built in microphone on the...
  5. Sony RDR-HXD970 DVD Recorder resets on one station constantly

    When I set my Sony RDR-HXD970 DVD Recorder, 250GB HDD Combo to Channel 10 Newcastle or Channel 10 Southern Cross it comes up with a blue bar in the bottom RHS saying "Loading" and then about 15 seconds later it gets a white bar with a light blue bar beneath it and resets to ABC 1 with a totally...
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  7. Toshiba DR420 DVD Player Recorder Refurbished - Only $79.99 - Save 33%

    Great Deals and Specials
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  8. American Recorder 8810 SPL meter

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Anyone know anything about this SPL meter? you can get a "kit" on amazon with the SPL meter and a laser aligner/level in a case for about half price. Would this meter be a step up from the RS meter? Will it be more accurate at low freq than the RS meter?
  9. Home theatre,dvd recorder + old tv

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi, I am new to these boards- and I am not a very technical person at all. So, I will try to explain myself as best as possible.I hope you can be patient with me! Heres the story: I have a Dvd recorder and also a home theatre system, which also has USB flash drive capabilities(we are using that...
  10. Dvd player and dvd recorder connections

    System Setup and Connection
    Can anyone help me set this one up. I have a Denon 5.1 a/v receiver inputting a dvd recorder with analog connections (too broke to go hdtv yet!) to the TV input of the receiver and via an R/F modulator to CRT tv. I wish to dub dvd's from the player onto new dvd's on the recorder. I am unable to...
  11. Zoom H4 Recorder with REW

    REW Forum
    I tried to do a search about this but it won't let me search for a term as short as "H4". Does anyone have any experience with using a Zoom H4 recorder in USB I/O mode with REW, either with an ECM8000 (which I planned to use) or maybe even it's own built in microphones (which are some pretty...
  12. Connecting a dvd recorder to a surround sound system

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi everone, this is my first post so please be patient.I have an Mitsubishi black diamond home entertainment system, and have just purchased a Sony dvd recorder, I want to use the Sony player to watch dvd with surround sound,but i don`t know how to connect the Sony player to me...
  13. Video recorder ...

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    I've been looking online for a DVD recorder (with VHS or not, it doesn't matter) ... but most of them record the audio just in stereo (and in that case I own one already):foottap: Is there any DVD recorder than can record 5.1 audio??? I know that you can use DVD Fab, etc. to keep a copy of...
  14. Sony RDR-GX7 DVD+RW/-RW/-R DVD Recorder

    Classifieds - Video Components
    Sony RDR-GX7 component DVD recorder - remote included with batteries - also includes 7' firewire male to male, 4' video & audio RCA, 5' camera type input to audio and video RCA output, 5' coxial cable (non screw on type) cables, and a Sony clip on mic...
  15. DVD Recorder with Hard Drive

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    I'm interested in buying a DVD recorder with hard drive and was curious to know if anyone had any thoughts about the various brands currently on the market. I've had various success with several of the different brands and not sure which company makes a better recorder. :ponder: Thanks for any...