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  1. Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
    Recently purchased my first home, not exactly what I wanted to do but I had to move for work. I had already purchased my equipment for a home theater from scratch I was going to build, so I decided to to put it to good use on a budget. Equipment: BenQ w7000 Onkyo HT-S9400THX 7.1 PS3 and Xbox...
  2. Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Here we go....got the tempest x today and it shocked me when i opened the box. Ive never seen a sub with 1 1/2" surround!!! Pictures dont do justice you have to see one of these in person!! Tempest cone Tempest basket ******* ports (6" pvc pipe found at one of our jobsites) *******...
1-2 of 7 Results