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  1. PS3 Reflow

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    I just wanted to say thanks to Ares for the great vids on fixing the YLOD on the PS3. We have 4 PS3's in the house and our oldest one died many months ago. As of last night it is back up and running great! I was shocked at the job Sony did with the thermal grease!! But thanks to your vids it...
  2. HLR5067wax/xaa DigiBoard Do-It-Urself Reflow

    Ok, Hi there everyone, I am new to the forums and am glad to be a part of a community that has done such fine work with this samsung digital board business. I have been troubleshooting my aforementioned HLR5067wax/xaa television and after reading a lot of what you guys have been doing i have...
  3. PS3 Maintenance Series(How to Reflow PS3 Chips.)

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    This is done when the chips lose contact with the motherboard, this happens when proper heat dissipation is not taking place and over time this leads to the solder cracking. Chips losing contact with the motherboard is one of the cause YLOD. YLOD means hardware failure which can be HDD, power...
  4. After reflow inputs aren't working

    I had the green plaid issue with my tv (hlr5067w). I sent in the board and had it reflowed. Now none of the inputs work. The screen was also upside down. I flipped the screen and now the green plaid is gone but the tv cannot find any input devices. I am being told this is a setting issue, and...
  5. Post reflow problems with HL-R6168 - no picture

    I was experiencing similar issues as discussed on the thread here where the TV would work fine for some time and than would either have a strobe effect or flicker and freezing of the picture. Sometimes resetting the power would do that trick but other times, you would have to open the back and...
  6. Samsung DLP digital board reflow

    Hi guys, If I could add a couple of comments to this digital board problem as it seems to cover the entire gamut of pain and aggravation of dealing with defective products. I bought a used HL-R4667W that seems OK at the seller's house. When I brought it home it did not start right up, the...
  7. BGA IC Reflow Service

    JD Electronics is the company that some have reported having success reflowing the DNIE chips on some of the Samsung DLP Digital boards. The web site is here: http://jdelectronicsinc.com/