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  1. DIY Projects: Non-Audio Related

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Since there's pile of people around here are pretty handy, here's a question: What projects have you done or are working on that don't have anything to do with your HT/Listening setups? I'll start. Here's a few shots of a taiko drum I built (one of dozens at this point) for a high school in...
  2. marantz blu ray connection related

    System Setup and Connection
    Greetings fellow Shacksters, I want to share a recent problem with my Marantz blu - ray players 5007 and 7007 Both were connected to my Marantz 7008 thro an old tried and tested '1.3' HDMI cable.Both were working ok but suddenly the 5007 went into a...
  3. Depression starting 2khz, not stereo related

    REW Forum
    Here are the 1/6-octave smoothed measurements using a calibrated UMIK-1 of some very good speakers whose anechoic results are flat to 20khz as measured by Stereophile. Each measurement was made 2m from the speaker, on-axis. I'm puzzled as to why there's a depression of 2-3db that starts around...
  4. Home entertainment related gift ideas for mom on Mother's Day

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    I barely know anyone, besides myself, that doesn't end their day watching TV. My mom for example spends a great deal of her day in front of the television. It's just a part of what people do in general it seems. With Mother's Day fast approaching, I thought I would discuss a few gift ideas...
  5. What is Phase, how it's related to SPL, How to intepret?

    REW Forum
    Hello there, I am a newbie to REW, Below are measurements made in my room. I do have many question about it, Could you help me please. 1-) at 40Hz and 80Hz are two dips... Is it called "Room mode"? 2-) If this room is to be treated with bass trap. is it going to be at 40, 80 Hz? 3-) How...
  6. NFL Player related tragic incident...

    Chat Box SWAMP
    KC Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend and then drove to Arrowhead stadium after being confronted by GM Scott Pioli shot himself. Crazy stuff going on with my team.
  7. Is the problem I hear related to my crossover? Other ideas?

    System Setup and Connection
    I have had to replace four amplifiers in my subwoofer because of audible distortion at the area around speech. Changing the crossover would make the distortion from the subwoofers change slightly but I never measured or got an idea what that did. Since changing out the amps the audible...
  8. Help related to importance of matched center channel

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hey guys, I've been running without a center channel in my family room for several years (been using 15 yr old Klipsch KG1.5 bookshelf speakers for L/R in a 2.1 setup). About a week ago, I picked up a Boston Acoustics VRC center at CC on clearance for a great deal. At the time, I wasn't overly...
  9. Non Home Theater related trivia ?-- hope you dont mind, And do google it

    Chat Box SWAMP
    The Concorde SST is now retired, and no longer flying. There was only one time in history that two Concordes (one from British Airways, and one from Air France) landed at this airport on parallel runways at the same time. The question....where did this occur, and what was the reason, and who...
  10. B&W - Anything related to B&W

    Home Audio Speakers
    This thread serves as the home for posts related to B&W speakers.
  11. Computer related forum?

    Community Help
    It seems like every forum I've ever participated in that discusses home theater has some sort of forum for computers, HTPC's, games like X-Box, and similar. Do you like to talk computer? Do you think it would go over good here at the Shack? Of course we need to know what all should be...